Let Jenn take care of you daddy

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My favorite thing to do is to get on my fucking knees and take out that big daddy cock. Mhm, I will be a good little fucking slut and open my fucking mouth for daddy to shove your fucking cock down my  throat. I want you to grab my head and force your thick hard cock down my stupid fucking slutty throat, and I want you to face fuck me until I throw up all over that fucking cock. Then like a stupid fucking whore I will get on all fours and eat my throw up off your cock and the floor, I will make sure I clean daddy up. Then I want you to use the little bit of throw up on that cock and fuck my tight asshole. I want you to destroy my little fucking cunt and asshole daddy, can you do that? I need someone that will treat me like the stupid fucking submissive whore I am. You can literally make me do anything you want, I am here for you pleasure and to make daddy feel good and to get that cum out of your big man balls. Let me take care of you tonight daddy.

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