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Let Jenn take care of you daddy

Cheap phone sex

My favorite thing to do is to get on my fucking knees and take out that big daddy cock. Mhm, I will be a good little fucking slut and open my fucking mouth for daddy to shove your fucking cock down my  throat. I want you to grab my head and force your thick hard cock down my stupid fucking slutty throat, and I want you to face fuck me until I throw up all over that fucking cock. Then like a stupid fucking whore I will get on all fours and eat my throw up off your cock and the floor, I will make sure I clean daddy up. Then I want you to use the little bit of throw up on that cock and fuck my tight asshole. I want you to destroy my little fucking cunt and asshole daddy, can you do that? I need someone that will treat me like the stupid fucking submissive whore I am. You can literally make me do anything you want, I am here for you pleasure and to make daddy feel good and to get that cum out of your big man balls. Let me take care of you tonight daddy.

The rougher the better!

Have you been looking for that perfect little dumb whore to use as your submissive slut? Well you have found a perfect girl who loves being treated like that slut I am, in whatever way you see fit. I am here to please those fucking balls and do whatever master says. I understand that my holes are going to get fucked really hard and I am going to fucking make myself gag on your cock till I fucking throw up. I like to be a good little fuck whore for you master. I want you to pound my holes so fucking hard they are all red and swollen after your done. That will remind me of what a fucking little cum slut deserves. I want you to make me yours and teach me how to please that cock and balls correctly so that I can be a good phone sex whore for you when you call master. I will learn and I promise I will never disappoint you, let me take care of you in every way. If I step out of line or don’t make that cock throb punish me any way you see fit. I can fucking smack my stupid face and tell you what a fucking slut I am. I will do whatever it takes to make master happy.Submissive phone sex

I am just fuckholes for your cock

Submissive phone sex

What more is a woman other then a couple of fuck holes for your big thick fucking cock? I mean that’s all I am here for is for you to drain those big fucking balls in my little pink cunt, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I love being a stupid little slut who just takes loads after loads all day long, and at the end of the day its even better when I got to rub my fucking cunt and I can just feel your hot thick loads squirting out as I cum all over my fingers. One of my favorite things to do is get on top of that big fucking man mean and lower my slutty little cunt right down on that mushroom head and  feel that precum getting my clitty all wet. Then I just bouncing my tight ass up and down making that cock go so deep inside me I can feel you in my stomach. I love moaning so loud and putting my little tits in your mouth as I tighten my cunt on your cock until you shoot that fucking load In my cunt and you I can feel it come out dripping all down your shaft and your big fucking balls. 

Hot cum dumpster for you

Cheap phone sexDo you want a bald little pink cunt to abuse and use all night long? I would love to feel your hand sliding between my pussy lips and then after my cunt is nice and wet I want you to slap my fucking little clitty. I want you to spank me on my little fucking ass too make it bounce right underneath your hand. Then I want you to abuse my asshole stick your cock right into my holes and then I want you to feel my hot cunny with your thick white cum. I want to scoop it out of my hot little holes and taste your baby juices. Mhm I will make sure I clean you up to, I will suck your cock and make sure I get all that cum out of your big fat mushroom head.

Treat me like the dumb slut I am

Cheap phone sexMy ex boyfriend used to treat me like the retarded bitch I am. He knew when he first started dating me that all I am is a cum dumpster and he sure enough treated me that way. He would invite over as many friends as he could and I would be there waiting on my knees with bright red lipstick on and slutty clothes with stripper heals. So when I suck there cocks I get whore red lipstick on there big thick cocks and I would let them grab my head and push my head down as deep as it can go down my throat. I love how him and his friends treat me like a nasty fucking whore and fill all my holes with cum like a filthy little cum dumpster whore.

Jenn’s at your service

Submissive phone sexI love playing with all my toys while I am on all my nasty calls. One of my favorite things is when nasty perverts email my gift cards for toys and when they get here I use them on the call with you. I think that is so fucking hot that I can fuck myself and cum for you baby, that’s all little sluts are good for right? You can get as nasty as you want with me, I can take whatever you throw my way baby. If you want me to fuck my asshole then lick all my ass juice off your big hard cock then I will baby. I love the taste of my juices mixed with your precum and cum baby. Let me just be your nasty princess slut today!

Master got my a toy

Cheap phone sexOne of my masters bought me a new toy, it sits on something and I can turn it on and I sit my sweet little slit right ontop of it. I love that my master can control how fast it vibrates and how good it feels. My fucking cunny gets so creamy playing with my new toy as I talk to you and describe every feeling I have. I love riding it and pretending its your thick cock sliding in and out of my cunny while my juices are flowing down your cock and your big fat balls. Mhm, then I would get on my knees and suck you clean, wouldn’t you like that master? Having you little submissive slut taking care of you daddy.

Submissive slut at your service

Cheap phone sexBeing a submissive whore is more then just listening to your master, its about doing everything little thing for him and to please his every desire. I am more then just a whore that will listen I am a fucking whore that will untie your shoe laces  with my teeth and jerk your cock off at the same time. I have always been told I take the submissive thing to a new level and that is what makes me different. I like to get as nasty as my master wants even if its things I would never do by myself I am open to all your disturbing amazing fantasies and I will do whatever your cock wants. You want me to fuck your four legged friend then lets do it, what about letting 100 guys fuck me, hell yes! I will do anything you want, so you should try out my cunt for size.

Submissive phone sex with Jenn

Submissive phone sexMy new master had me do some really nasty tasks today. He took me to the nastiest neighborhood he could find and made me strip all the way down until I was completely naked. He pulled up next to a big group of black guys and told me to get the fuck out, and he told the guys they could do whatever they wanted to me because I was a submissive whore. My master drove away and the black guys started to tie my hands and feet together and they bent me over one of there cars. They pulled out there big black cocks and started to fucking pound my cunt and ass one by one. I seen master in the distance lauphing at how pathetic I looked being a fucking slut. When there where finished filling me up with there cum they let me go, and they started to punch and slap me until I was bruised all over. I ran back to master crying, naked, and full of cum and he warned me not to be a bad little fucking whore again.

Submissive slut at your service

Cheap phone sex

I went to my first bondage club and I was amazed seeing people being tied up with there hands and legs tied behind there back. After they tied her up they fucked her in ever hole until she her cunt and asshole was swollen. That made my cunt start dripping with wetness because that is exactly what I want done to me. But I would want them to take it a step further and tie my hands and feet with cinder blocks attached to them so there is no way I can move.

Then I want one guy throat fucking me until I puke all over his cock and he makes me eat if off like a fucking worthless slut that I am. Then I want another guy to come to my pretty little asshole and not lube it up just spit on my ass and start ramming his cock in and out switching form my asshole to my wet pussy. Then after they shot muliple loads in my ass and cunt I want them to come around to my face and let me suck the scat and cum off there cocks.

Do you think  you could help me play this fantasy out?

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