Let Mommy Please You

submissive whore

I know you’ve been needing your submissive whore. Mommy has been waiting patiently for you to come home and show her what a worthless fucking cum dumpster she is. I miss your cock baby boy. Ever since you left for college and left mommy’s pussy alone. Now you come home to find your submissive Mother naked and kneeling on the floor. Mommy has been waiting to serve you, to please you, to do any nasty thing you desire. Mommy is the one submissive cunt you can use in any way you wish. There is no need that I can not fulfill for my sweet baby boy. I worship you and your beautiful cock. I beg you, please, won’t you show mommy what a worthless fucking whore she is. Shower me with your piss and cum. Mommy is yours to use and abuse in any way you need. Make Mommy your nasty whore.

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