Let’s Play With Your Tools

Submissive slutNever would have imagined that my submissive fucktoy ways would have my ass chained up in a boat shop with vice grips hanging from my pinkish purple nipples, yet here I am. Who knew a simple trip to a boat shop to see a man about a hook would wind up as a another one of my sweltering hot BDSM phone sex blogs? I sure didn’t. My current master was so unassuming. He could’ve easily passed for my grandfather, maybe even my great grandpa. I really can’t blame him for getting all worked up in the first place. I walked in wearing my denim mini skirt and skin tight baby tee with no bra. He couldn’t stop staring. When I started asking him about his tools and all the dirty ways they could be used on a submissive cum whore, he blushed and shyly offered to show me. I thought about how hot it would be for such a sweet old man to demonstrate how he could use his tools to discipline and train a submissive slut like me. He asked to chain me up and that was the last thing he asked my permission for. He chained my wrist, clamped my erect nips in his cold, metal vice grips, attached them to a chain and pulled me around the shop by my tits. He bent me over his work bench and paddled my ass until it was red with another of his tools. He may have been an old dog but he showed my ass plenty of new tricks. He ordered me to take his cock as if I had any choice. He fucked my red ass until he squirted his huge load on my stinging ass cheeks. I decided not to buy those tools after all. Instead, I agreed to be a new fuck piggy for his grand master cock. 



    • Dennis on December 3, 2021 at 5:15 am
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    My tool is so hard for you!

    • Walter on December 3, 2021 at 12:40 pm
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    Fucking hot piece of submissive snatch

  1. Love leading you around my boat shop by your tits. Hot fucken slut deserves to be punished

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