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Obedient Submissive Slave Angel

Slave Training

My last master was not as extreme as my new one. While my new master loves to lock me in my cage and piss on me, my old one loved fucking me while I was tied up and spanking my ass. Me, on the other hand, loves submitting and pleasing my master. That means I’m doing anything my master wants, including worshiping his thick, fat cock or drinking his warm piss through a straw. There’s no limit to what I’d do to please my master. Last night Master fed me his shit and cum covered cock. After he squirted his baby batter in my asshole, I shitted all over his cock. Master ordered me to clean it, and I licked it all up like any obedient fuck slave would. It always pleases my master when I do as I’m told and clean up our messes. I’ll be sure to please you too when I happily submit to all your perverted demands. 

Master Shared Me With His Friends

Bukkake phone sex

The other night, Master invited over a few of his friends to have some fun with his submissive fucktoy. He let them know that I would be theirs to own and use all night long. My mouth, ass, and pussy were all available for their perverse pleasure. To further drive home the point that this dirty slut was 100% at their service, Master strapped me in his bondage swing so that my legs and arms were spread open while I was suspended face down. He used his velvet vagina spreader to keep my pussy spread open too. He turned on porn and started this sexy bondage gangbang off by inviting his best friend, Ted, to my warm, wet mouth. One by one all his friends joined in on the hot fuck party happening in my mouth and pussy. While they enjoyed my tight wet fuckholes, Master happily filled my ass. He fucked my tight starfish while expressing his desire to see my pretty face drenched and dripping creamy cum. Master and his friends fucked every available orifice of mine until they all squirted their dick juices on my face. When they were done painting my face with cum, Master locked me back in my cage, where he ordered me to let their yummy cummy dry. Throughout the night he’d let me out to be used and bukkaked again and again. I loved being their obedient, submissive, cum-guzzling slave. 

Submissive Slut Gets a Mouthful

Cum slut phone sexThis submissive cum dumpster just doesn’t seem to learn. I had been warned about back talk, yet here I was mouthing off to master again. He walked over and backhanded me hard across my face. I felt the familiar sting and instantly tasted the blood. My busted lip started to swell. I tried to lick the blood but it was useless. Master told me since I had a problem keeping my filthy fucking mouth shut, he was going to give me something to keep me quiet. He unbuckled his pants and pulled out his fat cock. “Crawl over here and put your dirty mouth to good use!” He ordered. “Now,” he barked before I could move. I quickly dropped to my knees and began apologizing as I crawled, my cunt getting wetter as I got closer. I needed his cock inside my wet pussy, but if Master was going to fuck me, I’d have to make him feel better first. I reached my destination, his heavy, veiny cock. I lifted and started to suck his huge dick, desperately trying not to reinjure my sore lip. Master grabbed the back of my head and forced my head down on his cock as he wildly thrusted his hips forward. My lip burning and throbbing with each thrust. “Talk back now, bitch.” He groaned as he raped my wet throat. I gagged and gasped for air but Master held my head down for what seemed like minutes. He barely let me up long enough to catch my breath before he continued his merciless assault on my throat. My mouth and throat would be violated and there was nothing I could do about it. Finally, Master filled my sore mouth and throat with a huge load of sticky salty cum. He told me to hold it in my mouth until he told me what to do with it next. He handcuffed my hands and feet to the chair and left me there, mouth bloody and full of cum. I would not be forgetting my place as Master’s worthless bottom again. Not after that punishment to my mouth and throat.

Let’s Play With Your Tools

Submissive slutNever would have imagined that my submissive fucktoy ways would have my ass chained up in a boat shop with vice grips hanging from my pinkish purple nipples, yet here I am. Who knew a simple trip to a boat shop to see a man about a hook would wind up as a another one of my sweltering hot BDSM phone sex blogs? I sure didn’t. My current master was so unassuming. He could’ve easily passed for my grandfather, maybe even my great grandpa. I really can’t blame him for getting all worked up in the first place. I walked in wearing my denim mini skirt and skin tight baby tee with no bra. He couldn’t stop staring. When I started asking him about his tools and all the dirty ways they could be used on a submissive cum whore, he blushed and shyly offered to show me. I thought about how hot it would be for such a sweet old man to demonstrate how he could use his tools to discipline and train a submissive slut like me. He asked to chain me up and that was the last thing he asked my permission for. He chained my wrist, clamped my erect nips in his cold, metal vice grips, attached them to a chain and pulled me around the shop by my tits. He bent me over his work bench and paddled my ass until it was red with another of his tools. He may have been an old dog but he showed my ass plenty of new tricks. He ordered me to take his cock as if I had any choice. He fucked my red ass until he squirted his huge load on my stinging ass cheeks. I decided not to buy those tools after all. Instead, I agreed to be a new fuck piggy for his grand master cock. 


Disobedient Slut Angel Gets Punished

Bondage whore

“You’re a worthless piece of shit and you don’t deserve to live.” 

I love it when he degrades my kinky ass. I asked for this. I purposely pissed off Master so that he would punish me and put me in my submissive slut place. I heard the familiar crack of his Cat O’ Nine Tails. Even blindfolded and bound I recognized what was happening. My pussy started sweating and tingling at the thought of Master subjecting me to corporal punishment for my offenses. I couldn’t beg if I wanted to. The ring gag in my mouth prevented me from doing anything except breathing at the moment. I knew better than to beg anyway as this would only serve to worsen the punishment I would receive. “You must have lost your fucking mind defying your Master in public! You’re going to learn your lesson, Slut.” He hissed through gritted teeth. That was confirmation that he planned to fuck me without mercy tonight. I barely had time to finish my thought before he shoved his long, thick cock down my throat. I gagged and tried to catch my breath and rhythm. He ruthlessly pounded the back of my throat until I gagged so hard that pee squirted out of my bald, pink slit. I’d be on soft foods tomorrow for sure. He pumped my sore throat full of his thick creamy cum as he pressed his massive cock as far down as it would go. I was forced to swallow every drop of cum, saliva, and vomit that was trying to force its way out my mouth. Tears, snot, and sweat covered my red face. 

“I’m not finished with you yet, Bitch,” he snarled. It was going to be a very long night of pain, and this disobedient cum whore and my submissive pussy, was ready to endure every agonizing minute.