Master Cruel When Drunk

BDSM chatMaster came home drunk as a skunk last night. I was excited Master is very cruel to me when he is fucked up. I went for the old annoying technique, knowing this would give me a few hard whacks with the belt. I whined and squirmed from the sting of the lashes. But my cunt was a slip and side. And I wanted more lashes. I quickly started crawling away from him knowing this would get me more of what I wanted. He got so pissed off at me because I should know better. Crawling away from Master is a big no-no when I am getting hit for his pleasure or his discipline. He whipped me so many times and so hard with the belt I had open welts on my back, thighs, tits, and stomach. Lol and a whole bunch of squirting orgasms to go with them

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