Teachers slave pet

bukkake phone sexMy master loves me being his little pupil. He gets me and his other slave pets to come in twos and learn everything we need to know about particular topics. We are there to learn what pleases him and what he needs to so he could cum hard and good. The theme this week was all about bukkake orgies. Master has been into them since his college days he first had tons of bukkake phone sex and then experimented with the sorority sluts. Master likes to take a girl or two and love to torture them and put the most hardcore nipple and pussy clamps on them. I am still so freaked out by nipple clamps, and I’m not used to them. I couldn’t even wrap my head around pussy clamps but seeing how stiff our master got had me all sorts of horny in my little school girl outfit. That’s another thing when we have a lesson, and we are in session we have to dress up like school sluts. After the experience is over, he takes the pair of slave pets to the domme and begins to practice on us. This week we had bukkake sex with all his friends. While he fucked her and me all his buddies waited in line to start at our holes. Then they surrounded us in a circle and drenched us till we were covered in creamy white loads. 

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