Master says cum

submissive phone sex

I love submissive phone sex. You see I have always had a submissive side to me but never really knew what it was until I met the right master. He has taken the time and energy to allow me to see what I really am which is a submissive whore. I love when master uses my body as he sees fit. He doesn’t care if it hurts or if I don’t like it. I am there for his use and pleasure. When he runs the vibrator up and down my folds and then commands me to cum it’s like heaven has opened. My master own my body and soul and I love being able to be there for his pleasure. He likes to tie my arms and legs to the bed and put a gag in so I don’t bother the neighbors and then he hits me, or squeezes my tits hard or bites and sucks all over my body- then when he decides he will mount me and fuck me hard until he cums. It’s always a pleasure serving my master!

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