Master sold me

submissive whoreMaster decided he needed money, and knowing I would do anything for him, he sold me to this guy Mark for $50,00.00! He puts me on a plane to Mexico. I’ve never been this far from home, I am so lost and scared when he arrives to pick me up. I was under orders not to speak whatsoever. When we get to his place I strip down into my slutty lingerie, and put my collar on and stay on all fours like the dog I was supposed to be. I still have my shiny silver butt plug in, just like Master ordered. I was to shit and piss in a bucket until I earn being able to use the toilet. Every day he invites friends over to take my holes over and over again. But he got bored quick, and decided to stir things up a bit. He took me down to this tiny, nasty little bar to a back room and told me to sit and wait. There were several other younger girls in there with me.

12 guys enter the room, naked and massive fucking dicks swinging and ready to hurt us all. One girl starts crying and gets a slap to the face hard enough to land her on the floor. She just lays there whimpering quietly on the floor. Our heads are shaved to add to the degradation. They start with the younger ones, making me watch as they gape their holes. One by one they place them over my face to eat the cum out of their freshly gaped holes before they use me in the same way.

I’m laying there, completely used, they all piss all over me.

I’ll do anything for Master!

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