Masters New Roleplay Fetish

erotic BDSM stories

Master held me by the face and threw me an FBI outfit.  He demanded I make the roleplay believable. I was given no direction. After I was dressed he dropped me off three miles from home. This whore had the whole slutty tight outfit but no shoes. My tits were heaving and my body was shaking as I read the note on the back door. “Whore, there are three clues hidden to your pleasure or demise, choose wisely fucktoy!’

My pussy wet as I broke in and began to search. The first clue was a bejeweled but plug. I looked around and pulled my pants down and inserted it to my perfect wanting asshole. I went to our room and hanging in my cage was a gag. I took it and put it on. All of a sudden my master stood over me and had his binding rope in his hands. Good submissive slut, as he tied me and pushed my gag to the side and shoved his cock down my throat.  Hot spunk went down my throat as he said we would do it again until I got it right. What could he possibly want from me? 

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