Master’s Slave Gets Humilited Publicly

The back of the train was quiet; I moaned as Master dragged His nails against the nape of my neck. My cunt was already soaked, and our game had barely begun. Master had been seated behind me for the past hour. Now, as we made our way across the countryside, the train was a bit more crowded. He stood, and opted for a seat on the other side of the car. He was facing me, watching me; I saw as he pulled a small remote control from his pocket, and pressed a button. A muffled buzzing adds itself to the ambiance, my face reddening. I was failing to control the bucking of my hips as the wireless vibrator mercilessly tickled my swollen clit. Before long. I was fighting back the need to moan loudly, to beg Master to please, please let his pathetic submissive slave cum. That was too humiliating to think of!
Master changed the settings, and suddenly I was nearly screaming. I did everything in my power to hold still. The toy was going from full blast to off, in five second increments. I was losing my mind. Suddenly, violently, the need to piss overtook the torturous pleasure. The buzzing would start, my cunt would gush, the buzzing would stop, and my bladder would scream from the fading contractions. I was in Hell.

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