My DP Fuck Machine Punishment

Bondage and SubmissionI want to be a strong woman, but I am nothing but a submissive whore. I have found that I like the pain. I like pleasing my master, I like bringing him joy. I deserve every punishment that he has for me. I also have an insatiable appetite for orgasms. I have so much trouble keeping my hands off my master’s pussy. I often don’t ask permission before I play with it. And for that I know I will be punished, and I know that I must learn. I was caught by master pleasuring myself and he yanked me up by my hair and drug me to the punishment room. He pulled down my bra, attached clamps to my nipples and began pulling tightly until tears fell from my eyes. He then added weights to them. Next, he stuffed a ball gag in my mouth and tied my arms behind me. He left me there in pain while he retrieved his special punishment. I was in so much pain and my nipples were numb. My arms were bound so tightly that I could barely feel them. He walked in the room wheeling behind him and extreme DP fucking machine. He positioned me on top of it and turned it on. It was on a variety setting and with every turn on of the motor I did not know how long or hard that dildo would be rammed into my pussy. To add humiliation to my punishment he turned on the webcam to allow all his friends to watch as I was fucked nonstop for hours. I continued with orgasm after orgasm until my pussy was raw. He still didn’t stop the machine. He turned off the lights and left me there, with only the humming of the machine to think about how I had displeased my master.

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