Mystery Master

Submissive whoreThe one job I have learned above all else is to obey. My body is not mine to control nothing is when it’s always owned by someone else. The other day I met the man who is now pulling my strings so to speak. I serve him first thing in the morning from when he goes to bed. It seems simple at first glance, but this Master of mine will punish me whether I do things correctly or not. He really likes to grab me in the middle of chores and strip me down and test out ideas he has. I’ve learned he likes to test out torture methods, I think he likes to make me afraid my fear arouses him. I can never be sure I can not read him, it so hard not knowing if I’m being a good girl. Of course, maybe I never was, I was raised knowing I was replaceable. I had wondered why Daddy gave permission for this new mystery Master to take claim to me. Maybe I am to be disposed of? Has my use ran out?

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