No complaints allowed

Submissive slutThere are no complaints allowed in this household. I am a bitch and everyone knows what that means. They treat me as such and I have no authority or privilege to say anything otherwise. Even when I am being degraded to the utmost degree and being called a stupid fucking piece of shit submissive slut, I have to feel lucky to be receiving such treatment and harsh words. I love telling all of my equally slutty girlfriends about the conduct that’s inflicted upon me because they get such a good laugh about it! Any woman is nothing but a toy, a mere object that is used for sexual purposes. I would not dare step into my house without a full on pussy and asshole inspection. If I am not up to my Owner’s standards than I will be whipped into shape until I am up to par for his liking. He runs a tight ship and i’m his puppet bimbo bitch. I do as i’m told to do, no matter what!

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