No Evidence

Submissive WhoreThings were not going well at my new home.

I had been fitted with a spreader between my ankles and my hands were still bound!

There were two giant black man placed as guards in my room.

They would take turns using me as their cum dumpster! One would violate my cunt or my ass while the other kept watch!

I am almost grateful that I had not eaten in days or there cocks would have been covered in shit after fucking my tight ass. But still, I could not help but vomit when they gaged me with their giant fuck rods!

They made sure not to fill my torn ass or dry cunt with there cock spit, leaving no evidence for my new owner that they had been using his newly acquired fuck doll for their own pleasure.

Their massive sweaty bodies smothered me as they lay on top of me forcing their hard cocks inside me over and over again.

My crying only made them laugh as they pissed all over me, washing away any jizz that they had splattered on my face and tits!

Occasionally, the servants would come in and act disgusted that I had peed my self! I couldn’t tell them that it wasn’t me! I couldn’t tell them that the evil guards, were forcing me into being a cum eating whore and then fucking my face until I vomited there chunky cum back up!

I don’t think I am going to make it!

I did not realize how good I had it before! What I wouldn’t give to feel the slap of daddy’s hand across my face once again!

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