Office Submissive Sex

submissive sexSubmissive sex is what I am good at. I don’t just lay there like a dead fish. That is bored, not submissive. I like rough sex. I almost never complain when I am getting a hardcore fucking. I complained today, however, and was punished. My new boss hired me part time as an office sex doll. The only reason he hired me was because he knew I was a dirty slut. The kind of woman he could fuck whenever and however he wanted. Although that is true, I was not prepared to be anally fisted today. He made me bend over his desk. I must wear garter belts to frame my ass for him. No underwear. Just black garter belt and stockings. I was bent over waiting or his cock when I felt something much larger go inside my ass. I felt his rings. He didn’t start with one finger and work from there. He just put his entire fist, rings and all, right up my ass. My old master never fisted me. He didn’t want to ruin my holes. He didn’t want me to bleed or shit on him. This new boss wanted to hurt me until I cried. He told me there is no fun if I like what he is doing. I tried to pull away from him. I was screaming in pain. My ass has been fucked over the years, but not like that. When I managed to get away, he was livid. I saw the hatred in his eyes. He lunged at me and tried to choke me. “Bitch, you don’t pull away from me ever again or you will end up in the ER,” he screamed at me while his hands crushed my throat. He fucked my ass while choking me. I passed at one point, but he slapped me back awake. It was a violent fuck that left me bleeding and bruised up. I am still recuperating. I think I am in over my head with my new boss.

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