On Display

Bondage phone sexYou told me You wanted to do something a little different.  You wanted to put me on display for T/those in Your group.  You had told me about the group before.  Around fifty of same minded BDSM lovers.  You met once a month and during that time You would set up play dates, other meetings, and the annual fetish ball that is held each May.  It was Your turn to host the monthly meeting and You wanted to show me off.

I was not to speak at all, no matter what happened I was to keep my eyes lowered, and stay as still as possible.  As the Members would arrive You would show them around Your house, then bring them to look at me.  Many were impressed by the way You had me bound. They walked around me, commenting on fading bruises on my ass.  They also told You that I had a beautiful body.  All of You were speaking of me as if I weren’t even there.

I started to get a cramp in my thigh, but I managed to stay still.  It seemed like hours had passed, but in reality it had only been about twenty or so minutes.  I heard You excuse Yourself from the meeting, and You came to check on me.  You asked me if I was numb anywhere, or if I was cramping anywhere.  You gave permission for me to look up and speak.  I told You that I had a severe cramp in my thigh.  You got down the floor and released the binds that were keeping my thighs together, then You helped me stand up.  W/we walked around a little while until the cramp was gone.  You then placed me on a seat, then once again bound my thighs but in a different manner.  You instructed me that if I were to go numb, or cramp again, I was to call out Your name.

I sat there not moving, my neck was sore from keeping my head down.  My body started to shake and to be honest my ass was very sore.  You walked Your guests by me toward the door.  When They had all left, You took all my binds off.  You told me how proud You were of me.  How well I did, and how much Other’s were impressed by me.  I felt so proud, and for a treat, You allowed me to go home without having any tasks to be done until the next time W/we meet.  I am learning, and loving being Your submissive.

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