Pain and Pleasure

Bondage whoreMy master tied my hands and feet to the bedposts of our bed. My legs were spread open, my pussy was on full display. He teased and tortured me all day. First, he pulled out a small whip and gave me lashes on my bare pussy. The pain was unbearable, but he took pleasure in my cries of pain. When my flesh was swollen and red, he put his face in my pussy and gave me lashes with his tongue. I wanted to free my hands and hold his head tightly against my wet flesh but he wouldn’t release me. I pushed myself up against his face over and over again, trying to get his tongue deeper inside. And I felt my orgasm building, I was about to go over the edge. I started humping faster and faster chasing ecstasy. That’s when he stopped…and tears started rolling down my face when I saw him reaching for the whip again. He played with me all night, teasing me with pleasure and pain. My master loves torture and I’m the victim.

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