Paying off daddy’s debt

submissive phone sex


Today mommy and daddy decided they needed to use me. That is nothing new, but this time, it was different. I knew the minute that man walked in the door that daddy had some shady business going on. The man wanted his payment and of course daddy didn’t have it. I could see the way the man was staring at me that I was in trouble. Daddy told him if he liked what he saw that he could use me for the day and they could call it even on daddy’s payment. My stomach dropped, because while I am normally a good little submissive whore, this man scared me. I didn’t want to go. He pulled me to my room and I put up a fight. That only lead to him tying me to the bed and stuffing my mouth with his cock. His cock was way bigger than daddy’s cock. I choked and gagged on his cock and it seemed to make him harder. The more I gagged and spit up, the harder he got and the deeper he went. He didn’t even get my pussy read before he was slamming that big dick inside of me. I screamed and he went harder. He just kept saying he couldn’t get enough of my young hot tight pussy. It felt like hours went by. My pussy was sore and swollen. I had loads of cum all over my body and inside of me. I’m not sure how long went by before he was done. The pain must have knocked me out, because I woke up to daddy telling me how much of a good girl I was.

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