I am my husband’s submissive whore. I knew it when we got married. My husband is 15 years older than me. I went from being daddy’s slave to my husband’s slave. It is a funny story too. My husband is my half-brother. He is my father’s son from a hooker he used to abuse before he met my mother. My father has always been a son of a bitch. When I met my husband Brad, he was introduced to me as daddy’s work buddy. I never knew we were related until after I was his wife. It was daddy’s sick joke. My husband knew though. Like father like son. They enjoy abusing women and being mean assholes. Daddy never cared that I was his daughter when he was fucking me. He didn’t mind sharing me with his friends either. Now, my husband shares me with his friends and co-workers. He is raising our son to treat me like a submissive slut too. My son fucks me whenever he wants. He loves to piss in my asshole when he fucks me. My own son treats me like a human toilet. I guess, I shouldn’t be surprised knowing he is cut from the same cloth as daddy and my husband. He is just a young teen boy, but so hateful and mean to his mother. None of the men in my family treat me well. No man does because I am a worthless dumb bitch.

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