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Cum Slut Phone Sex, Priscilla Gets all of her Holes Filled

I’m nothing but a little cum slut phone sex whore. My husband likes to use and abuse me like the pathetic little piece of shit that I am. He likes to invite his druggy friends over and let them use my holes to pay for his shit. I haven’t been allowed to leave the house in days. I haven’t showered in days, and I feel like a pile of shit.

It’s Friday night so I know he’s going to be bringing over more of his friends. They’ll likely fuck me like the pathetic little bitch that I am. At least once the weekends over he’ll go back to work. Then I’ll be left alone for a few days to finally get a break from all the cock worshiping I’ve been doing. I can’t even remember how many cocks were here last night.

cum slut phone sex

Young Dumb and Full of Cum!

All I remember is him handing me something to drink and I woke up with a huge cock shoved up my ass. Then I noticed someone had a fist full of my hair, he was trying to shove his cock down my throat. I could barely move as they were filling my holes with their hot sticky cum. But at least my husband wasn’t going to have to pay them anything for whatever it was he bought. 

I had to try and fight falling back asleep once they were all done with me. But now it was my husband’s, I mean half-brothers turn to do whatever he wanted with me. See, he gets off on seeing me pounded. Just like our dad did. I’ve always been their little submissive whore. I can’t even count how many cocks I’ve had to suck or fuck in the last month; all I know is that if I end up knocked up there’s no way of telling who the babies dad would be. 

Cock worshiping whore Priscilla Loves Being Tied Up

cock worshiping

Ever since I got married my husband told me that I was going to be his little cock worshiping whore. I don’t have a day job because my job is supposed to do nothing but worship him and his cock.

Whenever he comes home from work, I’m supposed to be primped and ready for what I have coming to me. He treats me like a good for nothing little whore.

I’m used and abused for everything he wants to do. I never know what that might be until he gets home and gives me my list of things I’m supposed to do.

Sometimes Bondage submission, other times he just comes home angry and slaps me around until he’s had his fill. Then I just go back to room and wait for him to call after me again.

There have been times that he’s tied me up and left me here for hours to think about why I wasn’t being a good cock sucking whore I know all I’m good for is to be use by him whenever he pleases. If I don’t address him as Sir or Daddy, I will get spanked and tied up to think about my bad decisions.

Daddy loves tying me up!

What he doesn’t know though is that all of this has started to really turn me on. I’m really enjoying him using me as a little cum slut. I love the way he spanks me and tells me that I’m his dirty little whore. The way his cock feels when he’s pounding me from behind feels so fucking good. The thought of him coming home to me and using me as his bondage whore gets me so excited.

I bet he never thought that all of this would eventually be something that I really would enjoy. Guess again, Daddy.

Submissive Whore Priscilla Forced to Blow all her Husband’s Friends


submissive whoreBeing a submissive whore means that no matter what I want, I have to do exactly what I’m told. Whether I like it or not. My husband can be a sadistic asshole sometimes and force me to do things that I don’t really want to do, but I have to him. Because I’m a good for nothing little whore. My sole purpose is to pleasure him whenever he wants me to. This time it wasn’t just him that I had to submit to, or pleasure.

Pleasuring Multiple Cocks at Once

It was all of his friends. He threw a party with the “Boys”, with me being the only woman there. I waited on every one hand and foot. I was forced to walk around topless and, in a thong, that’s it. Everyone there was allowed to spank me, smack me, kiss me, anything they wanted to do with me was up to them. 

 This was all a part of my slave training. Here to be used as they all please. As I was making sure all these men were happy, drinks filled, and food brought out to them. I thought I was just going to be used as a waitress today, but my husband had more plans for me than just all of that.

Towards the end of the night, I was getting tired, everyone was constantly asking me to get them something, some were spanking me constantly. My husband even bent me over and fucked me for a few minutes just to show everyone that I’ll do anything I’m told whenever I’m told to do it.

He Wasn’t Going to Let Me Off That Easy

Right as I think the nights about to end, my husband calls me into the living room. He tells everyone that I’m a good little cock worshiping whore. That I love sucking cock. Of course I start to realize what’s about to happen. Everyone starts to unzip their pants. There were about 8 of them, I think.

One by one I was forced to suck them from their soft little cocks and make them grow into nice hard ones. I did as I was told, I was tossed around sucking every single one of them including my husband.

But to my surprise, I was told to stop right before they were about to cum. That’s weird I thought, usually I’m forced to swallow it all. Yet again, my husband has something else in store for me and I had no idea at the time. As I’m finishing the last guy, my husband tells them all to form a circle around me. Here was my surprise he said.

They all stood around me jerking off to keep their cocks hard. Then again, one by one I sucked as fast as I could. I felt some cum early and they blew their loads all over my face, my tits, my hair, everywhere. I was getting used a little cum slut. Covered in everyone’s cum. I know that I’m a worthless little submissive slut.

Light Bondage -Tie Me Up and Tease Me

Light Bondage Priscilla


I really enjoy light bondage. Being tied up, my legs and wrists bound. I find it extremely pleasing to be tied up, that way you can literally do anything you want to me and there’s nothing that I can do about it. I get so wet when someone starts to tie me to the bed, or a chair. Knowing that I can’t stop you from doing anything you want to my body.

I like it when you sink your face between my legs and taste my juicy pussy. Getting me so close to cumming, and then pulling back. Take my toys, especially my vibrator, and stick it to the center of my slippery wet clit, and let it vibrate me. Making me move all over the bed, wiggling and begging you to stop. But don’t stop, keep going.

I just can’t get enough of it. I love submissing to you, and letting you do whatever you want with my body. Getting me so close to climax, then stopping. I know that as soon as you finally let me cu, that I’m going to cum so hard I squirt all over you. For now, though, you untie my legs from the bed. I’m still soaking wet form you teasing me. 

I can’t wait to feel you plunge your hard cock deep inside my soaking wet cunt. The feeling of your hard cock plummeting so deep inside of me is so fucking erotic. You slide in and out of me, hearing my wet pussy smacking up against you every time you thrust back inside of me. I can’t help but wrap my legs around you and pull you deeper inside me every time you try and pull back. I don’t want you to stop. Keep fucking me until I cum.

Then right before I do, you pull out. Laughing. Telling me that I can’t cum yet, sill teasing me. That I can only cum when you want me to. I love being teased, and I know you love teasing me; But it can’t last forever, right? You won’t just leave me here without cumming, will you?

Prostate Milking is so much Fun

Prostate Milking

Prostate milking is one of my specialties. Having a good lube is key to getting ready to really get every last drop. Depending on who it is, I’ll use my mouth and some toys. Other times a nice remote-controlled vibrating butt plug. It all boils down to what you like. I love being told what to do. Told exactly how to please you. I enjoy submitting and being used, tied up, strapped down. Giving in to you completely, knowing you’re going to use my body to please yourself, over and over again until you’re done with me.

Stretching my pussy nice and wide with you cock deep inside of it. Tying my hands behind my head, legs spread apart, letting you ravage my body. I love it when you spank me too. Forcing me to cum over and over again as you watch me squirm and wiggle all over the bed, holding a vibrator to my clit. Cumming so many times in a row to the point my body is just shaking uncontrollably. Bare bottom spankings making my ass sting with pleasure.

I also love dressing up for you. Teasing you like I know I shouldn’t, because teasing you always lands me tied up and being taken advantage of. I love pleasing you though. I enjoy it when you let me use my toys on you. Letting me make you cum over and over again. Switching rolls every once in a while, can be fun. I love watching you cum so much, to the point nothing comes out. Milking you. Using my fingers up your ass while I suck your cock. 


Young mommy cum dumpster

Submissive phone sex


My son has turned me into his cum dumpster.  He is so young but most the time his balls just shoot air instead of actual cum.  However, a time or two the real thing has squirted out. So now he is obsessed with the idea of trying to make cum shoot out of his little boy cock either on me or in me. I find it quite entertaining.

My husband punishes me if I actually laugh at our son but sometimes, I simply can’t help it. On one hand the vigor that my son seems to have in regard to treating me like come dumpster is entertaining but on the other hand it’s a huge turn on. I’m really expecting one day to laugh so hard I climax.

This mommy is always willing to let him practice learning how to shoot his load properly. Even if my husband wasn’t forcing me to be my sons pleasured doll I would still gladly do it.  The simple fact that all I have to do is think about my son’s baby boy cock or how his little fingers shove in an out of my mommy cunt and I get soaking wet……