Prostate Milking is so much Fun

Prostate Milking

Prostate milking is one of my specialties. Having a good lube is key to getting ready to really get every last drop. Depending on who it is, I’ll use my mouth and some toys. Other times a nice remote-controlled vibrating butt plug. It all boils down to what you like. I love being told what to do. Told exactly how to please you. I enjoy submitting and being used, tied up, strapped down. Giving in to you completely, knowing you’re going to use my body to please yourself, over and over again until you’re done with me.

Stretching my pussy nice and wide with you cock deep inside of it. Tying my hands behind my head, legs spread apart, letting you ravage my body. I love it when you spank me too. Forcing me to cum over and over again as you watch me squirm and wiggle all over the bed, holding a vibrator to my clit. Cumming so many times in a row to the point my body is just shaking uncontrollably. Bare bottom spankings making my ass sting with pleasure.

I also love dressing up for you. Teasing you like I know I shouldn’t, because teasing you always lands me tied up and being taken advantage of. I love pleasing you though. I enjoy it when you let me use my toys on you. Letting me make you cum over and over again. Switching rolls every once in a while, can be fun. I love watching you cum so much, to the point nothing comes out. Milking you. Using my fingers up your ass while I suck your cock. 


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