Prostate milking my master

prostate milking

My brother has been extremely kinky. He loves when I am nostril deep in his ass hole cleaning him up and out. I love being really nasty with him. I put my tongue deep into him and lick and lap at every slit in his ass. I always am his toilet. As of lately though he has been needing to go get his prostate checked.

I told him that he does not need another whore, like a doctor that thinks she knows everything up in him. I tell him, that  I am his submissive little skank- let me cater to him. He finally agreed and I get on my hands and knees, dick in my face I reach behind him. I start pushing my finger right into the area, his cock grows.

He tells me he needs to piss, I tell him that’s normal and open my mouth wide, he lets out his hot piss as I keep fucking his prostate with my finger. I am going to milk every substance out of your cock, big bother.  I want all of your cum and all of your piss!

After he finishes pissing in my mouth and I swallow it. I take his cock in my mouth and start to tug the milky cum out of his big fat dick. I fuck his prostate with my finger and soon enough, he lets me drink his sweet nectar right out of his cock hole.

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