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Prostate Milking Until My Mouth Was Numb

Being master’s submissive whore is easy and fun for me after all the slave training I have gotten. Last night he left me dripping with his piss and my mouth and lips numb. He bent me over his knee and gave me bare bottom spankings until my ass was red and my pussy was wet. He fingered my pussy and asshole rough, and I knew it was going to be a fun night. He got me on my knees, and I immediately sucked on my master’s hard cock.

Prostate milking

His balls tightened up and I sucked them while stroking his big cock. He slid down a bit and lifted his balls and I knew he wanted me to lick his asshole. I do anything for my master, so I did. He stroked his dick in my face as he grinded his ass harder and harder on my mouth. My tongue slipped into his ass, forcing me to milk his prostate. He kept stroking his cock in my face as I tongue fucked his ass. He did this for hours and even allowed me to play with my pussy. I got to cum multiple times on my fingers and after what felt like an hour, he finally started cumming all over my face. By the time his balls were empty, my lips were numb and tender. He then stood over me and gave a warm golden shower.  He used my mouth so well and made me drip with his piss before leashing me up to the foot of his bed.

Cock Worshiping and Prostate Draining

cock worshipingCock worshiping is part of being a submissive. You cannot be an owned bitch and not worship your master’s cock, balls and even asshole.  I have been trained on how to suck cock since I was a young schoolgirl. Daddy trained me first. All his mean friends helped. So, I have been swallowing cum since I was in little days of the week cotton panties. Back then I did not know techniques for ball draining. I guess maybe the taboo age that I was, was all the technique I needed. Daddy and his friends would skull fuck me into oblivion and drown me in their cum. I did not do a lot but lay there and pray for it to be over. Now, I have techniques. One of those techniques is prostate milking. When I was daddy’s whore, I am sure I had no idea what a prostate was. My master is old. He has dick issues. He takes Viagra, but sometimes he just likes to humiliate me with ass play. Not my ass, but his dirty, old hairy ass. He told me yesterday in the office, why should he take Viagra when I can manually get his old cock hard. I never argue with master, not out loud at least. I never like sticking my finger or my tongue up his hairy asshole, but part of what I do is all the stuff I do not want to do like milk a prostate. He had showered before work thankfully. But he had not yet had his morning shit. Oh, lucky for me, NOT. I had to stick my finger up his shit filled ass to find his prostate and massage him into an erection and an explosive cum. Not the way I like to start any day. I guess since I am a submissive whore, I should feel grateful he did not shit on me too. The things us slaves must do.

prostate milking side biz

prostate milking

My friend Rosie and I ended up doing a side business that proved to be lucrative. We would cater to men who love to beat the shit out of us with paddles and like to be dominant with us. We both have high pain tolerances and can make any man enjoy the pleasures of prostate milking. If you haven’t had your prostate milked yet, you are missing out big time. 

 Our job is to make you take out all your frustrations and end up relaxing and winding down by letting us both gives you tender massages and worshiping kisses.  We both will then tease you and make that prostate feel so good. I’m great at stuffing my tongue and fingers, and Rosie loves to use her toys. When we finish getting you milked, we clean up the mess.

Prostate Milking Done Right By A Good Submissive Whore

Prostate milking is part of my daily tasks assigned by my master. When he comes home, I must greet him on my knees naked. If he has had a long day, I know to be ready for his favorite paddle.

Prostate milking

He will give me bare bottom spankings until my ass is red and swollen. By then his cock is hard and throbbing. I know exactly how my master likes me to swallow his cock. I suck on the head of his dick trying to get all the pre-cum in my mouth before taking it deep down my throat. I make sure to suck on his balls and that only excites him even more, adding marks all over my back. He then bent over; I knew that meant he wanted me to milk his prostate with my tongue. I frenched kissed his asshole while stroking his cock. By the way he was moaning. I knew I was doing a good job and it made my pussy start dripping down my legs. I used my other hand to play with my clit. I didn’t stop licking his asshole until he started cumming all over my hand. As I licked his cum off my hand, I fingered my cunt begging master to let me cum. He told me to cum like a good slut and my pussy squirted all over my fingers.

Showed A Submissive Whore What She Will Always Be

Master’s new partner was tall, dark and handsome. Master was starting to notice how I would blush whenever he was around. That is why he was welting my ass every time he gave me bare bottom spankings. One night they were drinking, and my master laughed and told his partner how I would cream myself whenever he was around. He slapped my face and told me how I was just a dumb slut thinking his partner would ever care about a whore like me. He then ordered me to undress.

Cum eating phone sex

I did as my master demanded because I know to never talk back or disobey him. He looked at his partner and told him to show me what he does to whores. Then he got close to me, grabbed me by my hair and shoved his cock deep in my throat until I had tears flowing down my face and could barely breathe. He then bent over and shoved my face in his ass using my mouth to milk his prostate. He laughed as he stuck my tongue deeper in his asshole. When he was about to cum, he shoved his cock back down my throat filling it up with his cum. After he dumped his load down my throat. He pulled his dick out and pissed all over me. Master only laughed the whole time telling me I will always be treated like a dumb whore, that is what I am, and I agreed taking the golden shower like a good submissive whore. 

Bukkake Party For Submissive Whore Casey

When was the last time you got drenched in thick creamy nut? I was blessed by my master when he had set up a bukkake party for me. He was trying to reward me for how good I milked his prostate. I licked his ass so good I had his toes curling. I stuck my tongue in his asshole and wiggled it while I stroked his hard meat. His body shook from his big load, and he fell asleep. Now his friends and business partner came over ready with balls full of semen. I knew to right away be naked on my hands and knees like a puppy whore. Master gave me a few bare bottom spankings to show them how much I could take. My red round ass being spanked and spread open got their dicks going. Master directed me to start sucking cock and as always do as he directs.

Prostate milking

I started sucking any dick near me, I could feel cock rubbing all over my body and face. Even got my pussy and asshole fucked but they didn’t fill me up they all just blasted their nuts all over me one by one until they were done. Then master put my collar back on and chained me up to his chair for the rest of the night.

Bondage And Submission Plus Anal Creampie

Bondage and submission are what master loves most. Seeing a Submissive whore tied up while naked gets his dick hard. I know when he is hard my job is to milk his cock.

Prostate phone sex

Whatever it takes I must get all his nut out. I start with my mouth; I have learned exactly how master wants me to swallow his cock. he likes face fucking me until I choke then he will sit on my face and make me milk his prostate with my tongue. I try to stick my tongue as deep as I can in his asshole as he jacks off on my tits. If he doesn’t bust his nut on my tits, he will lift my legs in the air aiming his cock at my asshole. I try to stay very still for master showing him I submit all to him so when he shoves his hard leaking cock in my asshole, I take it. I make sure to take master’s cock hard and pounding until he fills my asshole up. I will keep my legs in the air until he is done with me. 

Prostate Milking By Submissive Whore

Master loves using my mouth, last night he made me milk his prostate with my tongue. He tied me up to the bed naked with my legs spread. He sat on my face and stuck his cock in my mouth as he rode my face, he pulled his big fisting dildo and I braced myself for the abuse. He was going to stretch my cunt hole open.

Prostate phone sex

He turned around and sat his ass on my face as he started forcing the fisting dildo into me. I licked his asshole as he forced the dildo in me more. He made sure to push against my mouth more so my tongue could reach his prostate. As he rode my face, he fisted my cunt hole with the dildo. He stroked his cock as I liked his asshole, I know how much loves that. When he was ready to cum, he shoved his cock in my mouth and fed me his big load of hot gooey nut. I make sure to swallow every drop of master’s nectar.  

Prostate Milking Slave Whore

prostate milking

Did yu know nigger whores are amazing at milking the prostate. Even when Master uses me as his bondage slut and has both my hands and legs bound behind my back I can make him cum almost instantly! All I have to do is wait for master to spread his ass cheeks in my face so I can sick my long wet tongue in his asshole. As my nigger lips press up against his rim I flick the tip so that he can feel me massaging his spot. I love the way master’s ass taste! When he is about to come he makes me tongue fuck his shithole faster and faster until he turns around and shoots his fucking wad all over my face! I love when master uses me as his slutty black cumrag!

Sometimes Being a Submissive Whore Sucks

submissive whoreA submissive whore finds herself tied up often. Master has friends who rent me sometimes. This one guy is older than my master. He wanted a bondage slut to tie up. The problem is that he has no slave. What he does to scratch his itch is hire pros and borrow subs from his friends. He is married like my master. The difference is that his wife is the one with most of the money. He is a lawyer, but he married old money. If he had a slave and his wife found out, it would be disastrous for him financially. So, my master helps him out with his needs about once a month. It is a bros before hos sort of thing. I like being of use to my master, but his cronies are not as fun for me. This guy is old as dirt, but he ties me up so good that I get rope burn. This week when we had our play date, he demanded I milk his prostate. I am good at prostate milking. My master is a senior citizen. He takes a Viagra and sometimes still cannot cum, so I have to milk him. Unfortunately for me, master has bragged about my skills in the milking department, so his friend tied up my boobs, bound my legs and tied one hand behind my back. That left one hand free to drain his balls. I licked my finger and worked my magic in his old crusty ass. I was feeling grateful that he was not tech savvy because if he had been younger, my humiliation might have been recorded and downloaded to the Internet. I know that at 42, I am no young thing, but master and his friends are 30 years older than me. This guy’s old spooge hit me in the face. I had to lick it all up and I was sick to my stomach because he had some foul tasting cum. Old age I guess or maybe backed up balls, or both. I got funky spunk and rope burns for my trouble. Being a submissive slut is hell sometimes.

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