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Bare bottom spankings and a piss face from master daddy

Master daddy beat me harder after giving me Bare bottom spankings. See daddy was raising me to take anything he has for me, because I was made so he could use me. That is how I was raised and I should have only thanked daddy for every moment the paddle hit my ass. But after my ass was red and swollen I cried and begged him to stop. What a mistake, daddy turned me around and slapped my face and mouth. He was not just daddy but my master too, so he had to put me in my place and teach me. He pulled his cock out and started spraying my face with his piss. He needed me to no longer be dripping with tears. I would be dripping with piss. After that he bent over right in front of me and spread his ass. I knew it was time for Prostate milking. I want to make my master daddy happy and proud of me even though I cried like a weak slut, so I stuck my tongue out and lapped his asshole. I was trying my best but my master daddy grabbed my hair, pushed his ass on my face more and started grinding harder on my mouth. Finally he was ready to explode and that is when he shoved his cock down my throat. I choked and daddy master yelled for me to just swallow his nut like a good bitch. I did as he asked and when he finished feeding me his semen, he made it clear I was to never cry. I haven’t since then it doesn’t matter what my master gives me. 

Bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings before Prostate milking

Bare bottom spankings is what I get before I give my master a rim job. He really loves when he bends me over his knees, shoving his cock in my face and making me ass red. The way my ass jiggles when his hand or paddle hits it, makes his cock twitch. I am a hungry whore for my master so I open my mouth up very easily and take his cock in my mouth. Every time it goes deep my throat he spanks my ass hard, making sure to leave his paddle or hand print. When his cock starts leaking pre-cum I better be a good bitch and be ready for him to sit on my face and ride me. He lowered himself on me and spread his ass. I don’t ever want to disappoint my master, so I stuck my tongue out and licked his ass hard. He slammed his ass on me slamming but head on the floor but I took every blow as long as I was going to make him cum by giving him the best Prostate milking i could. I have to work hard to earn my place with my master so I reached around over me and started stroking his hard cock while licking his hole as fast as i could. When he was about to cum, he stood up over me and sprayed my face and body with his thick load.

Bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings is what i got fresh out the cage

You opened my cage and grabbed me by the hair telling me to open my mouth as you unzipped your pants. You let out a warm stream of piss all over my face. I tried to swallow all I could because I know it pleases you. You dragged me to the couch and I knew it was going to be a night of Bare bottom spankings and you using me. I love how you take your frustrations out on me. It makes me your special tool. I know how hard your day has been based on the paddle you use, the thicker one means it was a hard day. That one leaves the most pain and marks to my body. While he paddles my ass, he shoves my head down on his cock more causing me to cough and choke. You feel the welts all over my ass and spread my lips to inspect my pussy hole. The fact that my juices were dripping after your spankings and golden shower, made you very happy. I love to make you happy, you stood up and bent over the couch spreading your ass. I knew it meant it was Prostate milking time. You grabbed my head and rammed my tongue up your ass. You didn’t stop pounding my tongue in your ass until you were ready to spray. You sprayed my face bukkake style, leaving my face dripping with cum.

Bare bottom spankings

I milked master right he let me sleep at the foot of the bed

Cock worshiping is what I naturally do for my master. Getting on my knees and rubbing his cock all over my face made me o excited i was hopping my master would just fuck me. but it is never about me, it is all about the master. So when he told me to open my mouth wide, I did. I closed my eyes picturing his cock entering my mouth but instead I felt a warm stream. I opened my eyes and he was pissing right into my mouth. I made sure to swallow it all and when I missed some my master slapped me hard. He then bent over and spread his ass and told me to be ready for Prostate milking. I sat on my face while pulling and twisting on my nipples hard. I let out a whimper but it didn’t matter my face was in his ass until he was ready to cum, he grabbed my head and sprayed my face. He wasn’t done with me yet, he stuffed his sock into my mouth. My master spanked my ass hard with his belt making sure to let off all steam. My ass was soon sore, red and full of welts but my master was happy. I did so good he let me sleep on the foot of his bed.

Cock worshiping

Learned to love Prostate milking

At first my master would have to force me to give him some Prostate milking. He would have to first tie me up and I would fight and get beat like a little punk bitch. He would stop until I would give up and l finally stuck my tongue far enough to give him the best rim job. Now as soon as my master takes me out my cage and ties me up my cunt drips. It drips knowing I will get to taste my master’s ass and cock and if I am lucky he will feed me a big load of semen. Last night he was riding my face so hard I could barely breathe and my lips were going numb. My master didn’t care and kept going faster pushing my tongue deeper into his ass. When he was about to come he turned around and slapped me with his hard meat and blasted his load all over my face. Some splashed up my nose and I couldn’t take a breath. He just laughed and turned me around to give my ass Bare bottom spankings until I pissed myself. Before I went back into my cage, I had to make sure to lick all my mess up off the floor like an animal. 

Prostate milking

Bondage whore gets master’s piss and more for Valentines

You left me in my cage for a few days now and it was valentines and I was hoping to see you. But when you walked in you didn’t seem relaxed. You were going to use your Bondage whore to let all your stress out. I was going to show you how much I love and am devoted to you that I would take anything you have for me. When you saw I was pissy and starving you laughed at the sight that I am nothing without you. You owe me and I am your submissive property whore. You hydrate my mouth with your piss and I lap it up enjoying something to drink. After you tie me up, you pull out the whip you love using on me. Lash after lash you felt better and more relaxed. As my blood dripped and my ass stung. I was ready for you to use my holes but my master had a different idea. He bent over and grabbed my head and shoved it in between his ass cheeks. He wanted Prostate milking all night long.

Bondage whore

Cum Eating Phone Sex from a Good Ball Draining

cum eating phone sexCum eating phone sex is something a whore like me is good at. I may not like the taste of my master’s old spunk, but I swallow every drop and I act like it is fine chocolate when I gulp it down. Master’s prostate has been giving him issues. Taking Viagra helps him get erections, but it does nothing to aid in draining his balls completely. He will argue that he may get a hard on like a teenage boy, but he cannot empty his balls completely and he needs those balls drained thoroughly. That is where I come in. Not that I want to be in that position, but I am his slave and I am obedient. I never had to learn about prostate milking until I met my master. That is because I never needed to drain an old man’s balls before. When I was a young schoolgirl taking care of daddy, he was in his 30s. He drank a lot, but his dick always worked. He seemed old to me at the time, but in hindsight he was not old. My master is in his 70s. That is old. One hand, he can get erections again thanks to modern medicine. On the other hand, he needs a finger up his ass once he gets that boner to drain his balls. That was how I spent my time in the office today. I was under his desk with my finger up his ass as he spoke to clients on the phone. I was under that desk for 5 hours draining his balls. I was not permitted to swallow it. Not then at least. He wanted to measure the load I was able to eke out of his balls during that time. He filled a measuring cup. My geriatric master had a full cup of cum lodged in his balls. He praised me for being a good submissive whore, but I still had to guzzle that cup of old spunk and pretend it was the best thing ever. Nasty. Sour, old spunk. I wish I was not so good at ball draining sometimes.

Slave training is perfect to train a slut for Prostate milking

Slave training is part of my daily life with my master. Last night he was really rough and strict. I knew it was time for me to milk his cock. It started with me doing my chores, every time I bent over my ass got spanked. By the time I was done with all my chores my ass was red and welted. But my master had a smile on his face which made my cunt drip. Seeing my master pleased always makes my cunt happy. My master dropped all his clothes and sat in his favorite chair. I crawled over to my master with my mouth wide open ready to take his cock in. I love the way my master uses my mouth. Tonight he was thinking of some Prostate milking, he spread his legs and lifted his balls. I stuck my tongue out and started lapping on his asshole. I could feel my master was jacking his cock off over my head. He grabbed me by the hair and pushed my tongue deeper into his ass. I felt him tighten up and that is when my master started spraying my face with all his thick jizz. 

Slave training

Prostate milking got me Submissive Whore fucked and face sprayed with nut

I woke up to my master pissing all over me. Waking up to his golden shower told me I should be ready. My master was going to use my mouth all night. This Submissive Whore drips at the thought of my master using my mouth. I just love the way my master tastes. I worship him in any way he commands. When he was done he pulled me out my cage and told me to dry up. He sat on my face and I knew it was time for me to lick his asshole. I stuck my tongue deep in his ass but I guess it wasn’t deep enough. He grabbed me by the hair and shoved my face deeper in his ass. I could feel he was jacking his cock off as I licked his ass and I just wanted to please master and make him happy. I am just a fuck hole for him and i know it so i was very happy when he told me to bend over. I thought he was just going to use my tongue to get some Prostate milking. It felt so good when he stuck his cock deep in my cunt.

Submissive Whore

I just begged my master to please fill me up. He spanked my ass hard and told me that I need to stay in my place and never ask anything of him. He kept spanking my ass over and over showing me who is boss and how I need to stay in my place. I was just happy to have my master fuck me. When he was about to cum I thought he was going to fill me up but as a punishment he didn’t and just sprayed my face with all his nut.

Cum Sluts Love Cum and Know How to Get It!

Cum slut phone sex

All it takes to be good at cum slut phone sex is a true love for thick and sticky dick cream!  That’s totally me!  I love getting hosed down with hot hog snot, filled up with slimy semen and swallowing load after load of creamy cock juice!  Being covered in jizz shows me that I’ve done a great job as your submissive and that you’ll probably want to come back for more.

Any skanky slut can make a guy cum, it’s not that difficult.  Get him hard, apply pressure to his penis, preferably warm and wet, and move back and forth at varying speeds.  Simple formula for getting a guy off.  If you really want to make him explode and spray you down with more dick sauce than he even knew he had in him then you have to make sure you make the sub sexing session go as long as possible before he blows.

Everyone knows what edging is but you can’t let your dom know you’re doing it to him otherwise he doesn’t feel like he’s really in control.  It’s a tricky game to play but when we’re done, we’re both big fucking winners!  He gets to power pump out pearly white rope after arcing rope of sperm filled jizz and I get plenty of chunky spunk to choke down during our dirty, ejaculate filled, creampie creating, sticky and steamy cum eating phone sex freak fuck session.  I know you have a slime shot brewing for me in those balls of yours.  Let’s see how big we can make before you shoot it all over me.  Whadaya say?