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Prostate Milking is a Process

Prostate milking


The loudest screaming orgasms I’ve ever heard are from the guys who come to me for some prostate milking.  They scream and shout as their bodies shake and shudder, pricks pumping out shimmering pools of pearly pecker goo the whole time.  It can get pretty crazy and really messy, especially when my entire fist is buried wrist deep in their rectum.  If you like the look, feel and taste of cum as much as I do, you’ll agree that it’s completely worth the extra effort.

Proper milking is a process.  You don’t want to just jam your fingers into a guy’s butthole, find his rubbery little cum nugget and stab at it with your manicured claws.  The session will be over before it can even get started.  You have to start by edging him out, teasing his tallywacker and gently nudging his nutsack a bit, first.  Massage his undercarriage and play with his prostate from the outside, get it all juiced up and ready to start leaking out a little love lotion.  You’ll know when it’s time to start making your way into his shitbox by how much precum is drooling out of his dong.  Once you have a steadily flowing stream of slime coming out of that cock head, you can venture on around to the back.

Doing two things will prevent any unwanted anal blowouts when you’re fisting someone: sequential stretching and lots of lube!  I make sure the cornhole is coated and filled with lubricant before I start with my one finger warm-up.  It doesn’t take too long for a sphincter to get used to a single digit and, before I know it, I have three of the five fingers on one of my hands inside his anus and gently tickling his semen maker.  Three soon turns into four then I add in the thumb, holding the tips of all five together to make a cone shape with my fingers.  That’s the most important stretching moment, once I pop my knuckles past their turd cutter, the rest is a snap.

Imagine wearing a hot and mushy, super juicy oven mitt that weighs 200 pounds on your hand.  That’s what it feels like when you’re wrist deep in an ass.  Slight jabs and gently moving your fingers generates some crazy gyrations and hip grinding from your guy, every time.  Stroke his schlong in rhythm with the thrusting of your fist and you’ll get so much jizz out of your extreme fetish phone sex freak that you won’t know what to do with it.  I suggest sucking it all up and using it to play with your pussy, but that’s just what I like to do with it.


Bondage and submission is for Slave training and Prostate milking

Bondage and submission

Bondage and submission is part of my Slave training. I know my master loves making sure the rope he tied me up with is really tight against my skin so that if I move, I get rope burn. He told me to be a good submissive Whore and lay back. That is when he climbed on top of me and started riding my face. He spread her ass and I knew I was going to be doing some Prostate milking. I stuck my tongue out and started licking my master’s asshole. I could feel the rope starting to grind against my skin. The more I licked him the harder he rode my face, the more the rope started burning me. I could tell that my master was jacking off as he was getting prostate milking from my tongue. It had my cunt wet and dripping, wishing my master would just fuck me. But he kept riding my face and I licked him hard until I felt his balls tighten up and I knew he was going to bust a big nut. He turned around and started choking me as he sprayed my face with his cum. He called a good cum slut and left me there tied up in bondage to use me again when he is ready for more Prostate milking. 


Submissive Whore Does Prostate Milking For Master And His Friends

Prostate milking

A Submissive Whore knows her place and knows she must do anything my master asks for even Prostate milking or taking a golden shower. But I didn’t expect to have to do prostate milking for my master and all his friends. After he put me in bondage and shoved my face in his ass, I made sure to lick him hard over and over giving him the best Prostate milking. When he was about to cum, he sprayed my face. I wasn’t able to see too much because I had strings of cum on my face, but I could hear men walking in. Then my hair was grabbed and pushed in between someone else’s ass cheeks. I had to lick my way through their ass making them cum with Prostate milking until my tongue was numb. One after the other got my tongue in their asshole and came on my face. All i could do was be a Submissive whore and lay there as the ropes rubbed up against me and my tongue got stuffed in an asshole. By the time they were done getting Prostate milking, my face was covered and dripping in jizz. My master left and told me to wait for him to come back and give me my punishment/reward for being a big Bondage whore. 

Submissive Whore Sexy Trick or Treating

submissive whoreSubmissive whore trick or treating is not for the young ones. I was summoned to a friend of my masters last night for some sexy trick or treating. I was not sure what to expect. I was the only woman there. No other whores. Just me, and like a 100 of my master’s friend’s pals. I was still wondering what was going on, but I do as I am told. I think I am too old to trick or treat, but master summoned me to his friend’s place, so I went. I saw what I guessed to be about a hundred naked men lined up against the wall. I was given one of those plastic pumpkins that the little ones use to collect their candy in. I had an idea of what was going on, but until I was given instructions, I did not speak. This submissive whore learned a long time ago to keep quiet and do what I am told because when I argue or fight, it is always far worse for me.

submissive whoreI had to milk every cock dry, but I was not to swallow the cum. Not yet at least. This was like some macabre blow bang. Master’s friend instructed me to drain these cocks any way I could, but the cum had to go in the pumpkin. These were old men. I do not think a single guy was under 50. I saw nothing but a sea of gray-haired limp dicks. This was definitely no treat for me. I am submissive. I do love servicing my master, but he is one guy. This was like a hundred old men with broke down dicks. But I do as I am told. I fingered assholes and I sucked cocks until my mouth was sore as fuck and I thought I might get lock jaw. I had no idea men’s cum could taste so differently. Some spunk was tart. Some was chunky. Some was really thick and creamy almost like mucus. It all smelled awful and did not taste any better either.

submissive whoreI was on my knees for hours sucking cocks like the good submissive whore I am. After about four hours, I had a plastic pumpkin that weighed a ton from all the cum. This was not my kind of trick or treating because there were no treats for me. It was one big trick to get me to be a cum guzzling old whore. I had to chug that pumpkin full of old man sauce and let me tell you I came close to puking several times. Gross. I could not believe my master made me do this. Worst Halloween ever. Master’s friend got off watching this whore drain all those old balls. He told me it was the sexiest trick or treating he has ever witnessed.

Bondage Phone Sex Is Where You Get Female Bondage And Prostate Milking

My master gets off from female bondage and prostate milking. He makes me his bondage whore whenever he feels like it and forces my face in between his ass cheeks. I’m a submissive whore so it doesn’t take much forcing, I know I am made to be used. I was tied up licking my master’s asshole when I felt another set of hands. My master had invited someone to come use me too. As I licked my master’s asshole, I felt a dick being pushed against my rose bud. My tight asshole was about to be pounded and I couldn’t move because of my bondage.

Female bondage

I kept doing my job of prostate milking for my master as I felt a big dick being shoved in my asshole. They both didn’t stop using my holes hard. My mouth was getting numb when finally, my master turned around and sprayed my face with his thick gooey nut. I kept getting my ass pounded and the harder he went the more the rope of my bondage rubbed on my skin and tightened up harder on my neck. Right when I was about to pass out, I felt his cock pumping semen inside my asshole. 

Prostate Milking Strap-on Play

Strap-on play is the best form of prostate milking, well kind of. Unless you have a filthy little sub slut like me. I do love strap-on play and milking you that way. However most masters have a better idea. It’s all about using me and demeaning me, right?

Obviously for a filthy subby whore like myself prostate milking can involve me a little more intimately. That’s right. I will be the good subby whore and lay down and let Master sit his ass on my face.

Or some love to just have me on my knees and bury my whore face in his ass. The base of the matter is that my tongue and mouth will lick your ass and milk you with my fingers and tongue.

Making me squirm under you is what so many find the best. Some masters totally get off on shitting in my mouth. I deserve this after all I am your slutty whore submissive. I am here to serve you, Master… or you can serve me, now can’t you? Bitch boy? You know I am a switch and can certainly turn that table. Watch out Master. I am onto you.

Prostate milking

Submissive Phone Sex is Not Just a Job for Me

submissive phone sexSubmissive phone sex is not just a job for me. Sure, I love being your submissive bitch, but I am a real submissive. Hell, I even went to a submissive Halloween party last night. A friend of my masters throws this Halloween party every year. Slaves dress up slutty, or sluttier than usual, LOL. Their masters bring them, and we never quite know what to expect. Master had me dress like a French maid. I figured I would be serving the other masters at the party. I am usually doing things like sucking cocks, licking assholes and draining prostates at these sorts of events.  I am like the house slave. This party was packed. I think every master my master associates with was there with his slave. I was sent to a room. I was not sure what was going on, but I knew I could not ask questions. A good submissive whore keeps her mouth shut and does as she is told. I did as I was told. I sat in the room and waited to learn my fate. As it turns out, all of us slaves, were tasked with a job that we performed in each room for any of the masters. I was tasked with prostate massages. Having a much older master has made me a pro at milking old broke down dicks. Most of the women there were younger than me. They got the better gigs like blow jobs and spankings. I wanted to be in a room where I could suck cock or get spanked. But I got the prostate milking gig. I saw nothing but old men with shriveled old dicks. I had to finger their hairy assholes and milk their old dicks. I swallowed a lot of funky, backed up spunk. Ick. But I was assigned a task, and I did it. I never showed anything but love for those shrunken old balls. That is because I am a good submissive bitch.

Slave Training After Caught On Bondage Phone Sex By Master

Slave training for me is what I look forward to. I am stuck in my cage while my master is at work, he only lets me out for Slave training or punishments.

Slave training

Sometimes I would break some rules so he would let me out. My master left and I decided to get on Bondage phone sex so I can hear erotic bondage stories while I watch S&M porn. My master had given me Bare bottom spankings and had gotten Prostate milking from me but not once touched my cunt. I was fingers deep in my cunt while hearing Erotic bondage stories when master walked in. As soon as he saw me, I knew I would be punished, and it excited me. He grabbed me by the neck and asked me what I was doing out of the cage. He tied my hands behind my back and slapped my face a few times until I fell to the ground. That is when he climbed on top of me, spread my ass and shoved his cock in me. While he fucked my asshole, he gave me bare bottom spankings telling he is the only one who is allowed to touch my cunt. He fucked me hard until my body shook and I came so hard. That is when he filled my asshole up and made me crawl back into my cage. I went to sleep satisfied and sore. 

Submissive Whore Gives Master Some Prostate Milking

Prostate milking was what I had for dinner. My master loves Cock worshiping and Bondage and submission. Tonight, he tied my hands and the rest of the rope he tied around my neck making a noose he held on to it as he climbed my face. When he gets cock worshiping from me it gets my pussy wet but i couldn’t reach down without making the rope tighter on my neck. He rubbed his cock all over my face making it hard, quickly I sucked it into my mouth and the master moaned out with pleasure. It made my cunt even more juicy but i still couldn’t touch it, master likes to torture me. He scooted up, grinding his balls on my face, until his asshole was right on my face.

Prostate milking

I knew that meant he wanted some prostate milking and I love to please my master. It is my job as a submissive whore, so I stuck my tongue right on his asshole and licked hard and fast. I could feel he was jacking his cock off on my face as I wiggled my tongue on his prostate hard making sure I would get every drop out of his balls. He started pulling on the noose around my neck as he grinded his asshole on my mouth. I could barely breathe. I thought I was going to pass out and that is when my master’s body tensed up and he started splashing cum all on my head and face. He was so spent from the prostate milking he just left me tied up with a face full of cum when he went to bed.

Submissive Whore in and out of the Office for My master

submissive whoreI was hired to be a submissive whore in the office. My master paid for my paralegal school education, set me and my offspring up in a nice house I could never afford. Twenty years later, I am still his part-time paralegal and full-time whore. I love our arrangement. His wife has never caught on either. She just thinks I am a single mother down on her luck and her husband was my white knight. That is true, but there is more to it that she will never know about. He is old enough to be my father, but like many men he loves a younger plaything. He is older now and his cock does not work like it once did. But some days that old dick still has some life in it. It just needs the right motivation like seeing me tied to my office chair. I am my master’s bondage whore. He has long loved tying me up, but with his arthritis now it is more challenging. He is on some new medicine, and I swear his extremities are like those of a 30 something old man, not one close to 70. He tied me up to my office desk this morning. Thursdays are my day in the office with him now. I went from full-time, to part-time to once a week. This morning he was new man, so I was in trouble. I have gotten complacent with his old body. Now, I have rope burns on my wrists, boobs and ankles. I also have the nasty taste of his old spunk in my mouth. Seeing me all tied up like that brought new life to his old cock too. As his slave, I must be ready for cock worshiping at any time. I was not ready, but I was tied up with no where to go. I had plenty of time to blow his old dick a few times until his balls were drained. He was backed up. The power of modern medicine has revived my old master and the jury is still out if that is good or bad for me.