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Prostate milking from worthless whore

Being a Prostate milking whore for my master is normally very easy. But last night it was hard on my mouth since had beat my mouth with his cock really hard. My whole body was sore from his abuse. I got paddled and whipped, which had my skin red and welted. First my master wants me to know my body belongs to him and he can do whatever he wants to me. Then you pulled your cock out and I got excited.

Prostate milking

“Get to work bitch, suck my cock” you grabbed my head and i fuck my throat so hard. I even had tears coming down my face from the hate fuck my mouth was getting. “It doesn’t matter if you can’t breathe, worship my cock slut” That is what i needed to try and please my master. Therefore i started sucking his cock like it was my last meal. From time to time he would smack my face and mouth with his hard meat. After a while my mouth was getting numb, I even bit my tongue a few times.

By the time he was going to cum he stopped and spread his ass on my face. Since my tongue was hurting and bloody from me biting it, I almost cried as I had to push it into my master’s ass. As a worthless slut I know I have to please him in any way he needs. My master started fucking my mouth with his ass hard almost like he was punching my mouth with his ass. Finally he started moaning hard and I knew he was close to bursting. As my master turned around his thick gooey nut started to spray my face. “Good job whore you aren’t all that useless” is all I could hear as my face dripped with semen. 

Slave training for my master is what he showed his friends

Part of my Slave training consists of having to clean all of my master’s mess. Last night his friends and him were partying so much they started using me as their urinal. My master started calling me their golden shower whore. First my master would spread my legs and show my slut pussy to his friends. While he slapped me all over and even my cunt, he wanted them to see how wet it gets me.

Slave training

He can feel that I am embarrassed, but he doesn’t care. His friends laugh every time he abuses me because my cunt starts twitching. “You filthy bitch get on your knees”, I always do what my master commands of me. Once on my knees my master took his pants off and bent over in front of me and spread your ass. I knew it was time for Prostate milking,”lick my ass you worthless whore”. My tongue was wiggling on his ass hard as he laughed with his friends.

Master always likes to show me what my place in the world is. “Come on bitch show my friends how good you can make me cum. Finally, I had the energy to encourage me to lick his asshole harder that is all my master needed. As he stood up and sprayed my face with his thick load of semen, he moaned out “good job whore, now you have my friend’s ass to lick”. They all cheered, and I knew by morning time my tongue would be numb. 

Bondage whore gets surprise feeding

Sometimes I think I could be more than a Bondage whore. But then my master reminds me of my place in the world. I am just a worthless whore and should be happy to have my master use me. First mistake I made was requesting some food. My master likes to keep me thin and small. Because it is easy for him to tie me up and have me danglin in the air. After he slapped me in my face all he said was, “you want to eat bitch, I’ll feed you”.

Bondage whore

Then you pull your cock out and shove it down my throat. You laugh like a hyena as I choke on your hard cock. When I have tears flowing down my face you pop your cock out and start tying me up. First you start by tying my hands behind my back real tight. After that my feet were tied, but this time you left me on my knees. The night was going to be a good night because you bent over in front of me. That is because I knew it was going to be Prostate milking all night.

“Eat my ass, you hungry slut” my master commanded me. I wiggle my tongue on my master asshole hoping I was doing it well enough. But I wasn’t so he grabs my hair and fucks my mouth with his ass so hard i bit my tongue. After blood was leaking all over my master still fucked my mouth with your ass. When you were about to cum, you turned around and as you choked me you sprayed my mouth with your nut. “Now you ate and won’t be hungry anymore, right slut?”

Gangbang phone sex Subby Pet for Your Use – Subby Elianna

Gangbang phone sex is essentially the best thing ever for me. Hi pervert owners of sluts. I am Eliana and I wish to be your favorite subby pet.

As a good pet for Master I will please all of your clients and friends. Like a good whore I know that my place is serving you. Let me be the best little whore for you.

Despite my height at 5’9″ without heels I am very submissive. This is something that I have recently embraced. Truth is I am a switch. As a dominant giant to men I have taken a liking to being a submissive tramp recently. Prolapsing my holes with gaping big dicks is exciting.

Finally I must add that my holes are meant to be used and gangbang are often so fucking exciting for me. And my love of cum and piss make me a fun playmate for perverted Masters.

Gangbang phone sex

Rape phone sex fantasies made into a whore

I have been used for Rape phone sex fantasies that I learned to be submissive. It has been easier that way. Finally, I met a master who was using me in the ways I needed to. The beatings I got were always earned. My master even rewards me with fun tasks, like milking him through his prostate. Master, could I please lick your ass? The grin that you had showing told me you would reward me tonight. Like usual I got in position for you to tie me up. Please master, could I make a request?

Wham the sound of your hand hitting my face reminded me of my place and I quickly apologized. My eyes followed you as you grabbed your whip. When your whip hits my skin, the pain my body feels reminds me of what a worthless whore I am. Then I open my mouth to signal my master that I am ready for my reward. First my throat will get punished for speaking out of term. Please master, give me more, don’t stop until you think I am worthy to give you Prostate milking. Finally, after lots of whippings to my skin you spread your ass and sat on my face.

Rape phone sex fantasies

I stuck my tongue out and started licking your asshole like my life depended on it. Many times, it did, but now with you as my master I can look forward to getting your approval. “Come on worthless whore”, “make me cum”. Hearing you say that gave me the kick in the ass I needed to lick you even harder and deeper. When you moan out, I know I am doing a good job, I don’t even care if the rope is burning my skin as you ride my face. “Here it comes whore”. You moan out as you start spraying my face with semen. Thank you master, for making me worthy of your ass and cum load.

Prostate Milking A sissy whore with Master!

Prostate milking

We Made a Sissy 

I eyed my client cautiously as I set up her stall, making sure to turn the lights to their brightest setting. I had been hired by the mysterious but powerful Dominant male to help him take control over an insolent sissy whore, whom he wanted to punish for misbehaving with Bondage and Prostate milking.

I had heard of this particular Dominant’s reputation – he was known among their peers as someone who knew exactly how to bring his submissives to their knees – and I was both intrigued and nervous. I began by setting out the various instruments of pain that I knew he usually employed: the flogger, the riding crop, the paddle, and the various clamps and straps. The Naughty sissy was brought in and made to kneel in the center of the room, his head bowed in submission.

But when the Dominant moved to the sissy’s most private area – his prostate – the moaning and cries of pain and pleasure intensified. I knew this particular form of torment was used to elicit the greatest response from the sissy and I watched in awe as my client expertly milked his sissy’s prostate. The whores body visibly relaxed, and his panting and moaning became moans of pleasure and need, as the Dominant brought him to the peak of pleasure before finally releasing the sissy Bondage slut.

Bare bottom spankings are for punishments

When I get out of line, I always get Bare bottom spankings. Part of my training is to not speak unless I am spoken to. My worthless body needed water while tied up and I made the mistake of asking for it. The sting I felt on my face when my master slapped me reminded me of what my place should be. My master did think so, “I told you to shut the fuck up until you are spoken to slave”. “Now your body will know what happens to disobedient whores”.

bare bottom spankings

The paddle hits my bare ass so hard it makes my body jump. I didn’t say a peep, even when my master hit me over and over again. Then my master ordered me to beg for his forgiveness and I did. Please master forgive me for being a weak stupid slut and asking for water. If I can do anything to show you that I am worthless and deserve forgiveness I will do it. My master’s paddle kept hitting my ass and I thought I was going to pass out. What a good master, he decided to spare my ass for a bit and started abusing my throat.

His hard cock fucking my throat deep made me feel lucky to be able to be worthy of my master’s cock, even if I was choking. After I was about to pass out from his cock in my throat, my master bent over and spread his ass cheeks. “Prostate milking time bitch, eat my ass until I nut”. “Show me you are worth something and make me happy”. That gave me the energy to flick and pump my tongue deep in my master’s ass. His balls tightened up and then his thick gooey semen was spraying my face. I felt like I earned my forgiveness.

Submissive slut, that never lets cum go to waste. I swallow!

Submissive slutMaster gave me Bare bottom spankings after catching me masturbating without his approval. He even had me spread my legs apart at the foot of the bed and whipped my clit with a leather belt until my powdered soft pussy lips turned, black and blue. I tried explaining to him that it was a request from one of my clients… Pounding my cunt with a club did not feel good whatsoever. There was nothing I could say at that moment to calm Daddy down.

He bent me over his knee and fisted my swollen pussy I couldn’t bear the pain, my body started to give out. He bound my hands behind my back and tied my ankles together using my tank top… My cheek was smooshed against the hardwood floor as Daddy forced his cock into my twat. “You filthy slut” he shouted right before he slammed his dick into my asshole with no lube. “I am going to give you a Prostate milking then, that’ll be your dinner whore.” He ripped me by my hair and fucked me harder; while degrading and calling me filthy names.

His thumbs imprinted between my cheeks from Master spreading them apart so aggressively. The more I squealed the more aggressive he got. It was a relief when Master finally shot a creamy warm load that soothed the ache inside of me. He left me there on the floor naked; however a few moments later he came back and threw me a spoon… Then shouted; “Eat!” Daddy says a good Submissive slut, never lets cum go to waste! 

Submissive Whore gets new owner

I ‘m a Submissive Whore in the market for a new owner. There will always be a way for me to know if you are perfect. Being put in my place is easy but can you take care of me like your personal kept pet. You are taking me in like a stray dog bitch. Make sure you have a cage set up for me. Once you see me the look in your eyes makes me bow down right away. Your alpha energy will overpower me.

Submissive Whore

Pick what I eat, and I don’t eat until you tell me to. Later we get to your place, you touch my shoulder firmly and make me undress. With a kiss on the forehead, he made me get on my knees. Watching my new owner walk around me giving me instructions had me dazed. I was shocked back into reality when your hand smacked me across the face. “Bitch, wake up and pay attention”! All I felt was the heat coming off my face and my cheek swelling up.

Never again will I make sure I daze off like that master. I beg for you to forgive me; I’ll do anything for you to let me show you I am worthy to be your property.  With a smile on your face you pulled your rope out. “You will be a good Bondage whore and do as I say.  You will earn a place in that cage”. The rope starts rubbing against my skin as you tie them behind my back. Just open your mouth, stick your tongue out and lick my asshole until I blow my load

Like a good obedient bitch, I will do as you command. I was wiggling my tongue as hard as I could, but I must not have gone deep enough because you grabbed my head and slammed your ass on my mouth more. I was taught that to please you i better tongue fuck your ass really well. Before you were going to cum you turned around sprayed my face calling me good slave hoe and telling me i earned my place.

Bondage and submission of Submissive Whore Switch Eliana

Bondage and submission of Submissive Whore Switch Eliana. As the filthy cum dumpster I find myself unashamed of being used in public. Hovering over most men, it is a turn on. Submitting and being obedient is an extra turn on.

Bondage and submission

Simply put, my life is all about getting sexual pleasure. And in this journey of sexual deviances, I find a soft spot for being a submissive. Getting piss and bukkake sprayed on me while I am tied up is so damned hot.

In fact the other night I was surrounded by ten guys that all used me as their urinal. They shoved their cocks down my throat even and had me gagging and vomiting all over them. Of course they expected me to slurp my vomit right back up.

Another night I was laid out on a slick black vinyl sheet. In this position my hands and ankles were bound. Of course this is a good position for a submissive cunt like me! The guy I was serving, or rather my Master of that moment then sat his big hairy ass on my face.

When my face gets used as a seat there is only one thing for me to do. That’s right. I used my tongue and rimmed his hairy asshole. Milking his prostate is the place of a good subby slut.

Submissive whore

So when you need a good submissive then you know who to call to drain your balls.