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Cock Worshiping Slaves Like Me Get the Wrinkles Out of Old Dicks

cock worshipingCock worshiping an old dick requires some time to get accustomed to. My master is in his 70s. And honestly, his dick reminds me of one of those wrinkled hairless cats. But as his submissive slave, I adjusted to it. His little accordion looking dick grew on me. Like anything in a slave’s life, you grow accustomed to doing unpleasant things like sucking an old, wrinkled dick.

My master treats me well. Although my daddy and my ex-husband appeared to be more like misogynistic assholes than dominant master types, they abused me right into the arms of an older man. And I have been with my master for over 20 years now. And as he aged, his dick accumulated more and more wrinkles. Even he jokes that as his submissive slave, one of my duties is to get the wrinkles out of his old dick with some cock worshiping.

And I do what I am told. He came over on 4th of July because he needed the wrinkles out of his old, mature cock. And I never mind getting the wrinkles out. When a mature cock stands at attention, you never notice the wrinkles. His wife no longer fucks him. She does not even touch his old dick for him. So, this is why he owns a slave. I am there to polish his knob when he needs it.

This Submissive Slave Loves to Get the Wrinkles Out of Cocks

cock worshipingHe took a Viagra and paid his whore a house call. My son no longer lives at home, and my daughter went out with friends to see Fireworks. So, master came over. Our relationship is a secret from his wife, but my offspring know I am an owned slave. They do not approve even though my lifestyle provides very well for them.

Master’s cock appeared extremely backed up. So, I showed off my cock worshiping skills. Slurped on his old dick showing him how much I love his cock. Mature cocks still work well with a little love and a magic blue pill. My mouth worked its magic and so did my finger. When an old cock gets backed up, combining head with a prostate massage drains those old balls the best. I could taste his old smegma oozing out the deeper I inserted my finger in his asshole.

I drained him dry like a good whore. He blew chunks of cum all over my face and in my hair too. Maybe some women do not enjoy wrinkled old cocks. But I am not just every woman. I am a cocksucking slave who knows how to get the wrinkles out of old dicks. If you have a mature dick, I would love to get the wrinkles out for you too.

Submissive Whore Is The Greatest Pleasure Of Mine

I am the dream come true for You if you Seek a true Submissive Whore. Someone like me is a rare find, Master. As I have been a prostate milking dominant and ball buster, my enrichment in becoming submissive has been intense. The fact that I can take whatever you give me and fully enjoy and appreciate a strong dominant Master.

Obviously, you should feel empowered by my submissiveness as a nearly 6 foot tall attractive, and fun gal that’s willing to let you dominate me. This is something new for me. Since I practiced being a good prostate milker with my tongue as the bottom is hot. I used to deliver the dick and the fisting, now I just take it.

However if you enjoy a switch, then this will be a great experience for both of us. In fact you should Hit me up and let’s see what fun we can explore.

Submissive Whore

Prostate Play & Bukkake: My Kinky Phone Sex Tale


 Prostate milking

Prostate milking? Hell yeah, I’m your girl. Lube, toys, and kinky fun—that’s what I live for. And phone sex? Even better.

I get off on being told what to do, plain and simple. Master, dominate me, tie me up, and strap me down. I’m yours to use as you please—a sexual punching bag, if you will.

Picture this: me, spread eagle, with your cock stretching my pussy wide. My hands are helpless, bound above my head, as you ravage my body. Spanks across my ass only make it better. Hard and rough is how I like it.

But the real kink starts when you milk that prostate. I’m down on my knees, sucking your cock while you’re deep inside my ass. I’ve got a vibrator buzzing against my clit, and my body’s going wild. Cum runs down my chin as you force me to orgasm after orgasm. My ass is on fire, in the best way possible.

Then comes the bukkake show. I’m on my knees, taking your load like a champion. But it doesn’t end there. I’m milking your cock with my fingers, ensuring not a drop goes to waste. Cum drips down my face, and I’m loving the sticky mess.

It’s a kinky circle of pleasure—me pleasing you, you using my body, and then switching roles. I’m in charge of making you cum, milking you dry with my mouth and fingers. That’s the ultimate turn-on.

So, if you want a phone sex session that’ll leave you dripping, look no further. I’m your kinky cum bucket, ready to be used.

Bondage and submission makes the best slave cunts!

Bondage and submission

Bondage and submission is a very important part is slave cunt training. The man you’re with should know how dedicated you are in regards to pleasing and servicing him. You are designed to be a bitch in a heat for men; there is no room for fuck ups or complaints. As a slave whore my number one priority is always making sure the man is satisfied. What I want doesn’t matter when you are an owned piece of meat. I am grateful to be the chosen cunt. There are plenty of younger bitches my master could pick; yet he was nice enough to choose me for use.

I was owed some Bare bottom spankings because I was a dumb bitch and messed up some rules. The number one rule is to always have my holes in the best condition. Which means no public hair; men like bald fuck holes. I forgot to go to my waxing appointment the other day and my owner was infuriated with me. He slapped me across my face, beat my tits and cunt and told me I was useless. He explained that when a cunt make a stupid mistake she has to take the consequences so she never fucks up again. I understood, I messed up his whole day; he had planned sessions for me with other men.

My stupidity costed him loss of fun and desire and it was all my fault. So, he tied me up and left me there for a while as he forced me to beg him to beat me. I cried and sobbed but eventually I got used to the pain. After destroying my holes and making my cunt so sore; he waxed me himself just to hear me cry. After making my cunt nice and smooth he wanted me to be a Cock worshiping slut for the rest of the nigh; that’s exactly what I did for him!


Milf Phone Sex Sluts Know How to Drain Old Backed-Up

milf phone sexMILF phone sex sluts make the best slaves. As a mature woman, I have learned to obey. And as a sexy mommy, I want to take care of men. I love draining balls. Even the old balls of my master. He summoned me to the club last night and I went. Not like I had much choice. When a woman is owned, she drops everything she is doing to take care of her master.

We have not seen each other in over a week. Although we sometimes Skype, meeting in person gets more challenging now that he is mostly retired from law. So, when he summons me, I go. I want to serve him. With his age, his balls get backed up badly and quickly. I do not think his wife has touched his old dick in 20 years.

So, I dolled myself up and met him at the club. And I knew he wanted a good prostate milking. I brought a rubber glove and plenty of lube. Plus, I grabbed a large cup so I could capture his cum load. Master enjoys fucking me still. Viagra turned back the hands of time for his cock, LOL. One little blue pill, and master can fuck his slave all night long. But some days, like last night, he just wants me to milk his balls the old-fashioned way.

This Submissive Slave Knows More than One Way to Drain Your Balls

Part of my job description, I guess, LOL. So, master got my finger up his ass for over an hour last night. And boy, did he feel backed up. He likes the latex glove sometimes, so I wore one and worked my greased up finger in his old hairy asshole while tugging on his old dick. The more my finger wriggled up his asshole, the harder his cock became. Although I wanted him to cum, I knew old nasty chunky spunk would explode from his backed-up balls too.

And boy did he explode a nasty load. Chunky pungent sperm went all over me. But he felt better. And I felt honored to help him expunge all that cum. It is part of being the prostate phone sex experience.

Prostate Milking is so much Fun

Prostate Milking

Prostate milking is one of my specialties. Having a good lube is key to getting ready to really get every last drop. Depending on who it is, I’ll use my mouth and some toys. Other times a nice remote-controlled vibrating butt plug. It all boils down to what you like. I love being told what to do. Told exactly how to please you. I enjoy submitting and being used, tied up, strapped down. Giving in to you completely, knowing you’re going to use my body to please yourself, over and over again until you’re done with me.

Stretching my pussy nice and wide with you cock deep inside of it. Tying my hands behind my head, legs spread apart, letting you ravage my body. I love it when you spank me too. Forcing me to cum over and over again as you watch me squirm and wiggle all over the bed, holding a vibrator to my clit. Cumming so many times in a row to the point my body is just shaking uncontrollably. Bare bottom spankings making my ass sting with pleasure.

I also love dressing up for you. Teasing you like I know I shouldn’t, because teasing you always lands me tied up and being taken advantage of. I love pleasing you though. I enjoy it when you let me use my toys on you. Letting me make you cum over and over again. Switching rolls every once in a while, can be fun. I love watching you cum so much, to the point nothing comes out. Milking you. Using my fingers up your ass while I suck your cock. 


Submissive Whore drenched in piss

Have you ever been a drench in piss Submissive Whore? I have and I am every weekend, sometimes throughout the week. That is because my master likes to finish his week by pissing all over. First, he pulls me out of my cage. “Get into position, worthless whore” my master instructs me to do. I love pleasing my master. Therefore, I kneel down with my face up. Then my master pulls his cock out and starts to piss all over my face and body. I love everything my master has for me. So, I even open my mouth and drink some. One reason being I was thirsty and dehydrated.

Since my master had been gone for over a day. Another reason is because my master is so special, and I would have to waste any of his juices. “I have more for you later” my master says as he undresses and sits down. “Time for some nasty ball draining Prostate milking bitch” my master says. I know what that means. He lifts his balls and I right away dive with my tongue. I start eating his ass like I’m starving. It’s true I haven’t eaten in a few days.

Submissive Whore

After my tongue flicks fast over and over his ass, he moans out “suck my dick too”. Then I go back and forth from sucking his cock to eating his ass. Even make sure to play with his balls. Anything to please my master. After a bit he wraps his legs around my neck and pushes my tongue deeper in his asshole. “That’s it bitch show me you are worth keeping as a pet” he moans out. Then he grabs my hair and sprays my face and mouth with thick jizz. I make sure to eat most of it up and try to fill my belly. “Good job slut, you have earned some dinner” you say as he puts me in my cage and throws a fast-food bag in there too.

Bondage whore into piss drinking, throat fucking and rimming

Bondage whoreI like getting slapped and rough fucked like a dirty Teen whore… I am an Extreme Bondage whore into piss drinking, being throat fucked, and rimming assholes. I am a petite Hot teen slut that deserves to be used like a toy! I learned that at a pretty young age, Dad used to force me into submission and force his cock down my throat. He never had any limits…

My mother was and still is nothing more than a breeder…

She is to birth, train, and groom us to be perfect cock sockets for daddy.

We always shared a room with our parents and at any given moment regardless of the hour if Daddy was horny we were to awaken and please him. Not even my brother was safe, his tight ass was given a Prostate milking by our dad before he even grew pubes. Eventually, Dad and he began tag teaming us girls.

Together they would bind us in fetal positions using zip ties and place gag rings in our mouths… They would alternate between my sister Kate and me, by pounding our throats and asses. Originally it was by force but eventually, my sister and I grew to enjoy it. I was always very submissive even when I didn’t want Daddy to fuck me.

It became something we craved… To this day we both enjoy being gagged and taken advantage of… BDSM, anal, and spankings make me squirt the hardest. I enjoy being humiliated and fucked senseless… I’ve grown from a cute girl into a Submissive Cum dumpster, deserving of Bare bottom spankings.

Cock worshiping from your kept pet slave

When you are dominant like my master you get Cock worshiping without having to say a word. First my master pulls me out of my cage. I can always tell what my master needs by the way he grabs my leash. Then I watch as my master takes all his clothes off and sits down. Seeing my master naked makes my mouth water. “Master, may I approach you” I ask very submissively. You just nod at me, and I crawl to you.

Cock worshiping

Right when I get to your dick my pussy starts to twitch. I grab your cock and rub it all over my face. Like a hungry slut I open my mouth and suck your cock down my throat. I feel your body relax with every inch that goes deeper in my throat. Since you have trained me very well, even when I can’t breathe, I keep sucking. As my eyes start to see stars, you pull your cock out. It doesn’t take much for me to know what my master wants; all he has to do is lift his balls. Once I see my master asshole I dive in with my tongue.

My master had used me in every way including to give him lots of Prostate milking. That is why I know exactly how to tongue fuck him. His balls and cock smacked my forehead as I kept pushing inside his ass. Finally, you bless me with words, “good job whore”. “Keep eating my ass, worthless whore”. It makes me feel proud to be worthy of your ass and it encourages me to go harder. Soon after that, I start getting sprayed by your sperm. My face ends up getting covered by thick gooey nut. As soon as every drop was drained from your balls, you put your cum covered slut back in her cage. “You did well tonight” you say as you walk away. I’m so lucky to be kept by my master and to even be let out my cage. 

Cock Worshiping Is Exactly One Way To Use Eliana

How would you use a good whore? I have a keen love of Cock worshiping if that pleases you. My mouth is a great place to prepare that cock for fucking my pussy and ass.

Alternatively, if it’s just fucking my ass that turns you on, by all means. Give me that hard ass pounding. It would be great if you pissed in my asshole too.

First off my body is a perfect playground for you. Have you ever wished to control a woman that is taller than you? Little man? Well I will be your subservient amazon slave.

However, if it suits you, I would shrink you down and fuck myself with you. As I was forced to be a giantess due to my height and use my last master as a toy for pleasuring my pussy.

Finally, I am flexible as a switch.

cock worshiping