Prostate Milking: Sexual New’s Years Resolution to Peg My Master More

prostate milkingProstate milking isn’t something you would assume a submissive woman would know much about, but you would be wrong. This submissive MILF knows all about draining prostates. In fact, it is part of my Master’s New Year’s resolution to have his prostate milked more which means I will be milking more in 2017. My Master loves it when I drain his balls. I have been doing it for decades. Now that he is older, and his dick doesn’t work like it once did, I find myself doing it more frequently. He spent New Year’s Eve at my place. I knew what he wanted. He made it perfectly clear that my primary responsibility for the evening was to drain his nut sack completely. As a submissive, I do as I am told. I read up on some different techniques. I discovered that pegging is the best way to empty a man’s balls; so I bought a strap on.  A big one too. I measured it at 9 inches. I was nervous about how my geriatric Master would take me fucking his ass with a strap-on, but he loved the idea. I was rewarded for my creativity. Still, I was nervous.

submissive whore Pegging my boss, my Master, was not something a submissive whore instinctively does, but I did it. He bent over my chair in my living room. I lubed up his ass and went balls deep to find his prostate. He  moaned and groaned in delight. Wriggled his old ass around helping me find the right spot. I knew when I found it too based on the noises he made. He ordered me to stroke him a certain way and I did. I have a confession. I enjoyed fucking his ass. For once I felt like I was in control. I felt dominant. He was so pleased that I drained his limp dick of what appeared to be a mountain of cum. He made a mess. Of course I had to eat all his cum. His spunk is nasty too. He has old man spunk. And, I had to suck the dildo that had been up his ass for an hour clean too. Okay, so perhaps I don’t like pegging my old Master so much after all.

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