Prostate milking, trust me to massage all your needs.

 Prostate milking    Prostate milking, trust me to massage all your needs. As long as I am your sub I will do as you command me. Eating your cum at the same time is simply a perk for me. Love all that cock. Can’t get enough of it. It is important to remember that when massaging the prostate waste not want not is key.

     Now that means that I will be sucking on the tip of your cock, making sure I catch all the fluid. Pressing and moving fingers up and down slowly from the outside. Just behind your balls with one hand.

     Feet and legs in the air looking at me as I insert to fingers into your anus feeling around for your gland. Beginning to stroke inside and out. Quickly causing you to stiffen and the milking begins. Continuing until you have nothing left in your balls.

     As your submissive slut you trust me to obey your every command. At the same time, I know how much you enjoy watching as I drink all that cum. Guzzling it down.

     Next time your sub will milk you from behind and give you and all new experience.

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