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Cock worshiping is my new natural state as a cheating whore

Cock worshipingSucking a dick and Cock worshiping is something I think most people could do with improvement on. There’s something special about running my tongue along his glands, and sucking him into my mouth with a nice long stroke. I sucked him hard, rubbed him against each of my cheeks, sucked them in and started pumping my head all along his thick fuck meat.  Love a good cock in between my lips. I can’t stand life without dick, my average time in between fucks is a painful occurrence I only manage because I know it’s coming, just like he will be. I wouldn’t be going behind my husband’s back if he’d give me more, but I understand his limits, and sad as it might be, that means to stay with him I have to accommodate. I have to cheat, I have to play with cocks like these, because if I don’t I can’t stay. I’ll have to leave and go become some cum swapping gutter slut or whore house needy bitch. I worship what’s given to me, I love him and I love this cock too. My thoughts are scrambled, always are these days, ever since I got wrecked by a strange man for the first time. Maybe I could spice things up at home, and I will, but it’ll never feel as good as sucking the cum out of this random guy like he’s a straw for my desires.

Tie this cheater down for Bondage and submission

Bondage and submissionA cheating whore like me always deserves to be punished more and more to be thrown into bondage and submission without a choice. It’s not just my guilt its also just how things are. I deserve to feel pain, and I should, I want you to inflict it on this poor body of mine. I want to be stripped of all excuses I could possibly give, and have to come clean because you split me open so hard there’s irrefutable evidence. Sure I could claim it was something else, maybe I got pinned down outside of a shopping plaza and ravaged until my insides were quivering and my body was as unfit for his use as it was filled with cum. Sure I could have been wandering through a park for some mid-day air when I got dropped to my knees and had my face fucked and used by some hard cock. My bondage whore airway struggling, my whole body moving into it out of pure fear, my palms on their legs so I could control some of the tempo and ensure it was over quick. Sure, I could have been at a club with a friend when I got grabbed from behind. The dark light not letting me figure out who it was, my short skirt lifted before I knew what was going on. He could have used me to the beat of the rapid music, my moans and cries for help drowned out by the strobe lights and deafening music beating through our hearts. I’ve even given some of those excuses before, my husband thinks I get taken advantage of a lot, like I’m a beacon for predators to come and use me for their whims. How many times do you think I can get away with that before he starts to wonder about the consent part of my claims? I doubt it’s very many more times, so abuse me, hurt me, bring me one step closer to a crashing burn with Erotic BDSM stories.

Extreme fetish phone sex

Extreme fetish phone sexI have a fetish for incest I love I love having sex with my family, but when my little brother was smaller we found a fetish that was so extreme only he and I could do it. When we were tikes all the brothers and sisters played the fart game. We took our fart game to another level. We would sit on the sofa and when it was time for one of us to fart we would put each other’s heads underneath the cover and hold the cover down. One night when my brother was underneath the cover after I farted he went ahead and touched my pussy. I got so wet unexpectedly, so when it was my turn to go under the covers I touched his cock. We went back and forth at this for a while before we were literally mouth to cock or mouth to pussy, and pretty soon cocked to pussy. As we grew older it became such a fetish that we could not have orgasms unless we were listening to someone fart. When I went off to college it was the hardest time ever. I would call my little brother on the phone after a big date and beg him to fester up a fart, so I could live out this extreme fetish phone sucks just fart for me oh I need to cum so bad.

Cock worshiping

 Cock worshiping

Ohh how I love that throbbing cock it’s so big and strong and it last and it lasts all night until the early dawn. That cock can stay inside with me for hours and I would not be upset just pounding into this pussy over and over again. Ohh how I love to put that cock in my mouth and wrap these sweet lips right around them sucking and Lipping until it squirts out all of its sweet goodness.

Oh, that cock gives me such a sensation I can’t get over I wanna go ahead and share it with all my friends but no one can keep it but me. that cock is mine and all mine I wanna sit on top of it, and bounce my ass over again twirl around on that throbbing cock letting you fill me up like no tomorrow oh I am the best cock that’s ever worshiped.


 Cock worshiping

If you have a big Cock let me be your Cock worshiping queen.


Rape phone sex fantasies

Daddy came home with a throbbing cock today. I could see it through his pants. He Walked in with 2 Little Ones, and I wonder who would trust you with their Lil’ ones. He told me he found him in the park and we’re gonna fuck these babies like no tomorrow.

 Rape phone sex fantasies

He had a little Black curly Nappy haired bitch and a fucking trailer trash white Slut.

 Rape phone sex fantasiesHe tosses one of the Munchkins over to me and tells me to open up its legs and put my mouth on its pussy lips. I sit there and twirl my tongue around his Brats pussy as he takes the other 1 and starts to insert his fingers inside of her pussy. These Rugrats are screaming and crying so I put that bitches face deep into my cunt allowing her to scream and cry all in my cunt. oh, I’m squeezing my legs tight making sure that she’s screaming directly on my clitoris. No hands mom no hands. He puts that white slut on his cock letting her suck on it like a pacifier. He wants to do some nasty things that trailer trash whore. He inserts his cock inside the Brat she screams so loud. My man’s big fat cock searching open that bitch he is fucking her hard. That trailer trash bitch isn’t moving anymore he takes it out of her. Turning to that black Tramp’s mouth sticking his cock all the way down her throat. I don’t think this Munchkin is breathing anymore. Neither baby is moving. so he looks at me and starts to Make passionate love to me all over these dead Munchkins’ bodies are bodies still picking them up and playing with them in between. Rape phone sex fantasies anyone can get it.


Bondage and submission

You locked me in the room throwing me onto the bed and tying my hands and my feet to each post. You ask me if I’m a very submissive girl and you know I am. This bond that has me all hot and heavy I’m leaking all over your bed. You go ahead and insert your fingers inside my pussy just my best friend just to play with it for a while then you add 2 fingers then 3 fingers next thing I know you have 5 fingers fisting me I am tied up to the bed Screaming and moaning asking you for more you take your fist down and you put a pillow under my belly  Lifting my ass high in there In sitting your Dick wrong to my ass but fucking me hard with bad throbbing cock You pull out a big black cock and you throw it in my pussy jamming it in there over making me scream out but I can’t move I can see all I can do is feel what you’re doing to my body buddy and all the pleasure and pain you’re putting me through this bondage and submission information is all I’ll ever need from youBondage and submission

Spanking Phone Sex

Spanking phone sex. Did I not do what you want me to do do you want me to spank myself over and over again? Do you want me to hit my ass harder and harder? I’m going to put the phone next to my ass as I smack it so you know that I’m smacking it just for you baby these spankings is because you told me to spank myself.  if I’m not doing it right when you get home you can show me how it’s done. I will be home waiting to get over your knees and take my punishment. With every smack you take I kick and scream as you watch my ass Jiggle like jello in a bowl. With every spanking, he tells me something I did wrong he makes me beg him to spank me harder. I know you just love Spanking that ass.

Spanking phone sex

2 girl phone sex

2 girl phone sex with me is all you’ll need. Get you two sexy ladies Liquor them and have what you want with them. Yo throw one over the chair and put your throbbing cock into her tight little ass. You place the other one on the sofa and open her legs and start licking and biting on her that clitoris. Once you realize we’re really out you open our mouths putting your throbbing cock back and forth deep in our throat. you start hitting out titties really flopping them and moving around back squeezing them as hard as can be. Every hole will be touched tonight before we wake you you think to yourself. So slide that big bulging throbbing cock deep inside of us and see how many times you can nut tonight. we will wake up like nothing happened to know we’re sore and bruised all over, asking when we can see you again. With two sexy females, this can go anywhere matter fact everywhere will definitely be hot and sexy.

2 girl phone sex

Golden showers phone sex

Let me open my legs and spread these golden showers all over your face. When I’m letting it go I’m going to make sure to bend up and down all in your face putting this pussy deep on your lips as I give you these wonderful water sports. The Warm wet sensation hits your face. I’ve been waiting all day to give you this Piss. The amount of water I drank to make sure you get soaking wet. this yellowish tasteful pee coming down on you is really turning me on. I’m going to sit here and stand over you and use this great vibrator right there on my clitoris and I’m going to let go all over you. These showers on the phone are where it’s at I’ll have you dripping wet.

Gloden Shower Phone sex

Cheap Phone Sex

Cheap Phone Sex

Cheap phone sex is where it’s at two nickels and a bucket fuck it. I’ll give you everything you want for just a little bit of things you only got two cents baby I’m going to go ahead and Drop It Like It’s Hot open my legs wide open and let you see the hole inside of this pussy. Cheap phone sex is what you want I’m going to scream so loud I’m going to make you think that I’m on your dick to suck it all night long. You want me to go ahead and take a shit on your chest baby I’m going to do that for you just as much as you want me to. You want to fuck me in my ass and then stick it straight to my mouth baby I’m going to suck it all clean you’ll never have to use anything again sex I got you all day.