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Uncategorized Venice likes it rough and kinky.

     Uncategorized Venice likes it rough and kinky. The rougher the better. I like to play games. In fact, I will call you whatever you want me to. Take it to the extreme. Let it roll over you like warm champagne drowning us. Take it to the extreme levels. Make it hurt.

     Up to the present time, the spankings, the clothes pins, the electroshock has been fun and nasty. Using tongue chopsticks with electricity is rough and dangerous. After all, make a slip. There I go. Snuff hell awaits.

     What makes it so much nastier, and fun is the XXX bondage. Gets the cunt just oozing. Gushing like Old Faithful. Just shooting up in the air. Like clockwork. Give me the pain. Bring it on.

     Given these points I am so close, fucking beat me. I need the biggest cock in this cunt. Oh please. I will beg and plead until you finally make me explode. Obviously, I want to cover you in the cum.

     Until you immediately cum right alongside of me.Uncategorized

Torture phone sex punish your naughty slut.

Torture phone sex

     Torture phone sex punish your naughty slut. I need it. Put those clothes pins on the cunt. As shown above you can clearly see that I like it. Makes me wet. Smack that cunt. I was a disobedient slave. Need the whip. Use the cat-o-nine. In the long wrong I was very naughty. Tell me you like torture. In fact, tell me everything you like so that I may please you.

For the most part I obey. From time to time, I will disobey. This way I get punished and tortured. Immediately upon the pain I get wet. The cum juices will coat my legs, go between my ass cheeks. Pool around the asshole. Begging you to fuck it. Anal pain is what I need to be punished with besides the clothes pins. Wooden clothes pin will cause splinters into my tender bits. Submissive slut

Whereas metal will conduct electricity better. What level of pain would you like. All in all, they get me as wet as possible. Further on down the road we will continue the torture lessons. You do need to keep your Submissive slut in line. 

In the long run when I do step out of line, I will know that you are going to make it hurt. I like the pain. Obviously, when you get hard gets me horny too. I will quickly come to you on bended knee. Anything you command. I am yours.


Submissive Whore needs a paddling for punishment.

Submissive Whore      Submissive Whore needs a paddling for punishment. I have been a bad little slut whore.  Punish me. Spank me. The first thing to remember when doling out the spanking is to make sure the ass is bare. Now this is needed to really make it hurt. After all, I disobeyed. I questioned. To point out that I am not being very submissive is another reason to punish me.

     You don’t have to bind. At the same time bondage is a very good way to punish me. Especially if it is hardcore tie up and I can’t move and like it. Raise my ass up to feel the Bare bottom spankings. Some bondage would prevent me.

     Ropes cutting into my wrist. Punish your little whore. I am in fact a very naughty girl who needs an ass whopping. Yes, I will like it. For the most part I will leave it up to you to figure out how hard to punish and make it hurt.

     It must be remembered that I am a cock lover and pain inflicted little fucking whore. Use clothes pins on me. Nipple clamps. Show your slut whore what you think of her. I need paddling as a punishment.

     Finally, the only question remains is will it be barehanded or will you be using a weapon of choice. I like many of them. In the long run it is all your choice. Do to me as you will.

Submissive slut is on her knees begging.

Submissive slut     Submissive slut is on her knees begging. Need you to give me the cock. Make me cheat. Turn me into a naughty wife. Cheating whore. Anything you please as long as you give me the cock. I am a cock loving fucking slut bag whore. On my knees begging for more. Give it to me hardcore. Take me on my back, hang me from the ceiling. All in all, I am yours to command to control.

     The universe has dictated that I am your slave. Turn me from the shy, quiet, housewife, to the cock loving, sucking, licking, fucking slut that you want me to be. A goddess on my knees. Bitch in the bed. Cock whore to please.

     As long as you have me as your Cock worshiping whore, filling me up with the cum. All the cum that a cum whore can handle. Oozing out of me. Ripping me apart. Have the cum fill my stomach, cunt, and ass. Dripping off my nipples. Make me yours. Until finally your little slut is always on her knees begging.

Submissive sex from your very own special whore.

 Submissive sex    Submissive sex from your very own special whore. Make me cheat. I like cock. In fact, that cock is what I live and breathe for. Doing as my Dom orders me too. I am his fucking slut whore that does anything that he orders me to do. Like taking numerous BBCs at the same time.

     After all I have begged him for the cock. Being a cock sucker is just one thing among many that I like to do. I also like to have it in the ass. Stretch out my cunt and asshole. Do ass to mouth. As long as you are shoving a cock down my throat and making me gag on it, to be sure I will like it.

     Suck on your balls. Hands and knees being your very own cock worshiping whore on my back, knees, whatever position you want me. Telling you just how much I want and need that cock of yours. Let me you slut whore.

     In summary your command is my every wish to fulfill.


Spanking chat: I do love a good spanking.

Spanking chat     Spanking chat: I do love a good spanking. I like having my ass paddled, whether it is bare assed, clothed, hand, whip, willow switch, among other items, just to chat about it gets my pussy throbbing right along with my ass. It tingles with expectations. Just knowing that you are going to tie me up and give me a spanking has me thrilled to obey you.

     Use the paddle, tie me up. Give your fucking slut everything that she deserves to have. A good had spanking followed by an even harder fucking. Need the cock. Like the cock. Love the cock. Cock sucking fucking slut that will obey they master. Be your slave. Pain is pleasure and this fucking Submissive slut is going to beg you to give it to her.

     Hardcore is just the way I like it. Give it to me. Now! Demanding submissive sometimes. Just means that I need to be punished. Come and punish me. Bind me to the wall. Hang up upside to give me the spanking. Given these points you can be sure that I will be ready, willing, and begging for more.

     In summary, give the spanking, lets chat, bind me and make me yours.  

Soft bondage is a game I play with the hubby.

     Soft bondage is a game I play with the hubby. Now, my Dom has ordered me to play some games with the hubby. At first it was just a light spanking. Then some silky soft ties around the wrists. Suddenly the hubby is into it. Definitely getting to the hardcore stuff. Already we have reached the bare assed play time. Using toys to fuck my ass. The spankings are harder. Skin is red. The crack of the palm on the naked ass.  Soft bondage

     As shown above you can see how wet it makes me play the games. My hubby is really getting into the roleplays that my Dom has asked me to play with him. All things considered he is happy and none the wiser that I am stepping out on him. He is cuckolded and doesn’t know it.

     All of a sudden, I cum and he is hard as a rock as his cock enters me, legs spread wide open. Still squirting as he is pumping into me. Driving in deep. Quickly he climaxes as blows his load in me. Shouting out, asking when I got the clit pierced. He likes it as he tugs, making me moan.

     To be sure my Dom sure does know how to make me cum, squirt, and please the hubby at the same time. His Submissive Whore reports back, waiting for the next orders.

Slave training starts from the beginning.

     Slave training starts from the beginning. Now everyone knows that you must learn to walk before you can run and when it comes to making me your slave. Need to start at the beginning. The first thing you do is make sure I am your slut whore. Next you see how far you can push me. It must be remembered that you start small and keep increasing.

     Before you know it, I am chained to the wall getting a spanking for not listening to a command. Another key point is that I need to know that you are my master, and I am your Submissive Whore. If I disobey, I will be punished. Now, since I am in training the bondage is softer and lighter.

     With this in mind, there will come a time when I have the whips, chains, shackles holding me down. As has been noted I like the pain and this slut is a very naughty slut. Always being punished for some slight other. Increasing from a spanking to the whips. Turning me into the dutiful slave that you are looking for.

     Until I am finally exactly as you have wanted. I come at your bidding. I don’t cum until you give me permission too. Your slut whore has turned into all that you want me to be.

Slave training

Sexy phone sex your slut likes to switch it up.

     Sexy phone sex Sexy phone sex you slut likes to switch it up. All things considered do like a good spanking. With this in mind make the ass bare. Now this means it could turn into a finger going in the ass, in the cunt. Your sexy slut would also love to chat with you to keep you from trouble. Claim me.

     On the positive side when you claim me then the sky is the limit. You get to listen to my sexy voice gagging on your cock as I am sucking on it. Moaning in pleasure as you are spanking me. Groaning as you cock enters my sloppy wet cunt hole.

     That’s it, claim your Submissive slut for yourself. Make me yours. Driving in deep. Moans grow louder as you hold my breasts using them as handlebars. Twisting them. Binding me to you as much as any restraints would do.

     For this reason, when I belong to you, I get out of line. Which you can be sure that I will, then a punishment is in order. A spanking on the ass, a willow switch, feel like being a gentle punishment then use a feather tickler, among so many other choices.

     In summary I belong to you when you call me yours. I will please you as long as you give me that cock. I am a cock loving slut.

One Submissive Whore two Venice and Eliana vie for the cock.

Submissive Whore     One Submissive Whore two Venice and Eliana vie for the cock. For this reason, going to be punished. Spanking all around. “I may be a subby, but I still want my Dom to myself.” Venice pouts. Getting that hard calloused hand to smack this ass hard. Eliciting a little squeal. Eliana not to be left out pouts loudly. Drawing the attention to her. Hand wrapping around my Dom’s cock.

     Winking at me Eliana tugs a little too hard. “I want this cock.” At the same time, she gives me a little push. Not to be dissuaded step into it. Pull her hair. Tackling her.

     Rolling on the floor. Fighting over that cock. Now we may just be the subs but when it comes to our Dom we will vie for the cock. This cock lover Venice doesn’t give up without a bit of a fight.  

     Now Eliana is the Obedient one. Not normally to break out, in fact she likes to please. Begs for it. From time to time though she will put up a fight to have a Dom to herself.

     Suddenly, the crack of a whip. The tip bites into our skins. Immediately we look to our dom. Knowing that we are going to be punished. To be sure he is annoyed. Still a smile hints.

          Bare Bottom Spankings all around for my disobedient subs. 2 girl phone sex

                Trying to look contrite. Sideways glance at Eliana. She is looking at me. Neither of us is sorry. We are getting the spankings that we so very much like and wanted. Just thinking about the spanking has this pussy getting wet. Almost squirming in my seat. Wanting to be first. Second is second. It must be remembered that when you are first in anything then you know that you are the one that they want.

     Ordering us to bare our asses, Lean over the bed. He stands between us. The crack of his hand on my ass is hard, jerking me forward. Looking over Eliana lets out a little gasp.

     He spanked us at the same time. He is punishing us together. A second crack. A little moan slips out. Pussy drips a little more. Feel the hand slap the ass and a finger goes into the pussy. Knees almost buckling.

     This time as soon as I looked over there is Eliana with a little smile. Heart pounding. Our punishments are together, his fingers delving into us together.

     “Now I want both of you to prostrate yourself as I fuck you with the massive dildos and no cumming until I so.” We quickly lay down as he commanded.

     Massive dildos slammed into our dripping cunts. Deep. Could feel it in our throat. Clenching. Gasping. Before long we were both begging to cum.

     Being a good master, he finally conceded and allowed us to cum. His own load shooting on our tits.