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Spanking Chat

Spanking ChatSpanking chat turns me on. I lay on the bed with my ass in the air, with my cute little pink tight pussy wide open for you to see all. I want you to spank me spank me hard spank me rough. Spank me till I’m really red. I know I misbehaved make sure you hold that stick up high and bring it down hard. Make sure I listen next time oh, it feels so good to hurt so bad spanking with me will give you so much pleasure feels so bad. This nice round little ass deserves a good spanking from her big old daddy. I swear daddy I’m gonna listen to every word you say next time. I might not, I like our spanking time.

BDSM chat gets hotter the more painful

BDSM chat

My favorite stories involve BDSM chat and end with a cock so deep inside my clamping pussy that I can’t help but lose my mind. I’m a slutty whore betraying her husband at every turn. I can’t help it, I need to be punished, stripped of my value and treated to agony. I’m extreme, fulfilling, and fucked up beyond belief. This one time a man had me hooked up to a car battery, I didn’t even think you could do stuff like that and live, but I let him do it anyway because I deserved everything coming to me. It was life changing, fortune shining through my every nerve. BDSM phone sex was on my brain, all I could do was scream and he just kept me going. I didn’t even feel his whip smacking me, but I knew he was having fun, the rubber handle keeping him safe while I lost my mind. He had to unhook me shortly, but it felt like so long I didn’t have any sense of time. I was lost in a craze, blacked out and here at the same time. It didn’t make sense, it didn’t have to, my juices were a river below me, spreading across the floor with a powerful flow. That was when he started fucking. I couldn’t even feel him at first, my nerves shot and my whole body spasming, but that twitching, powerful series of orgasmic clamps and clenches were more than enough for him to have his fun. Knowing I was being used after Torture phone sex just made it all the hotter, and before I knew it I was doing something my husband could never make me, cumming. I was lost in the sexy agony, and I wanted more, so much more, I couldn’t let him go without.