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Sexy bondage, scarves, feathers, and silk covered in cum.

   Sexy bondage  Sexy bondage, scarves, feathers, and silk covered in cum. So sexy, naughty, fun, erotic to name a few among many others. Use scarves, tie me up. Tie me down. Cover me cocks all full of cum. Tickle me with a feather. Use the feather whip. It will tick and arouse at the same time.

     Cock down my throat you a mouth separator. Feel my throat closing around your cock. Squeezing it tight. With this in mind every pulse tightens even more on your cock.

     Pulling gently on the scarves. Already covered in cum. In fact, bring in some more cocks to cover me from head to toe in cum. Besides the scarves, use some rope, next add in furry cuffs. Let the fur tickle me.

     You will see just what a Bondage whore I am. Pulling on the bonds. Obviously, trying to reach those thick, hard, throbbing, tumescent members.

     Without delay I will be squirting all over the room. The cocks, being covered as they cum on me. In my hair, on all the bonds. Leave me bound. This way I will be right where you left me when you come back for more.

     Love bondage. Need more. Sexy ass slut will do anything for her master. Tie me up master. Please.

Scat phone sex oh shall we be dirty together.

     Scat phone sex oh shall we be dirty together. Obviously, I am more than will roll around in shit for you lover. Definitely I’m wanting to get tied up and spanked. Bare my ass.  In fact, add in some golden streams and you will see in front of you a wanton little fucking slut.

     That’s right I am proud of who I am. No hiding in the shadows for me. No sir. Order me to shit on the floor. In my hand. Rub it all over my body. Add the urine. After all I really an obedient and not to mention nasty, dirty submissive slut.

     Use me, abuse me. Give it to me rough. Like to watch me roll in the filth. Join me. We will cum together as we get even dirtier. Flick my tongue out like that of snake. Tasting and smelling with my tongue.    

     Lick you clean. At the same time as I squirt and piss on you too. Fuck me while I am squirting and pissing. As long as you cum inside of me and fill me with your golden stream and have me roll in your scat.Scat phone sex

S&M video that’s right film me my Dom.

S&M video S&M video that’s right film me my Dominant master. Pick someone you would like to see fuck me. Film it so that we may watch the video later. After all, with you as the film director and telling me what to do and him how to abuse me it is sure to be hot.

     In fact, you could be the one to chain me to the chain-link fence as shown above. At the same time making sure that bonds are tight and that there is no way for me to escape. To be sure that there are many different positions that leave enough slack in the chains to turn me around.

     The most compelling evidence that I want this is how wet my pussy is getting just chatting about it. How about it my big man? Let us watch some S&M porn together. It will give us a great idea for when we make our own film.

     It must be remembered that you need to like it most of all. After all I live to serve you and that is what I want to do. Making a film that will get you off constantly needs to be sexy and soft at the same time as hard and erotic.

     In summary what you want, you get, for now and forever for I will always be your little slut whore.

S&M porn sticks and stones, whips and chains…

  S&M porn   S&M Porn sticks and stones, whips and chains…they may break my bones, but they get the juices flowing. Sticks and stones lover. Take me to task. Use those sticks on this ass. As shown above chains and a crop. Head tilted back.

     Come at me from behind. Suspend from the ceiling. Use me abuse me. Fuck me. Give it to me baby huh uh. Spicy. Saucy. Little fucking whore that will do anything commanded. Get wet on the order. Cum when you say. Beg for the whip. Please oh please blister my ass red with the crop.

     As long as you get hard and cum on me, I will be the happiest Submissive Whore you could ever possibly ask for. Listening to your every command. Looking up at you. Pleading with you to hurt me just a little bit more. Knowing that pain is a pleasure watch those videos with me. Make the porn with me. Subject me to the nastiest porn that you can.

     Watch me get. We will play the porn to the extreme. Now hurt me until you finally cum.

Rape phone sex fantasies breaking in forcing me.

     Rape phone sex fantasies breaking in forcing me. All things considered when breaking in, be silent. Be sure. In fact, bring along all the nasty naughty tools you will want to use on me. On the negative side it will be a big duffle. On the positive you will be sure to catch me unawares.

     As soon as you enter the room you are going to want to bind me. Make them very tight. Make it hurt. Masochism is what you need to be in when you have the fantasy rape in mind. Forcing the mouth open. Inserting the mouth tunnel ring gag. Ensuring that your cock doesn’t get bit and you are able to force face fuck me at the same time.

     Definitely bring along the leather straps. Yanking the arms up over my head. Pulling them tight. After all you don’t want me scratching you up. Most compelling evidence is that the tighter you tie me the wetter I get.

     To point out that you are getting harder as I struggle against my bonds. Slap my face. Twist the tits around. Make me try and cry out. As soon as you are done, sneak out through the window. Leaving me tied up.

     Knowing that you can come back at any time to have your fantasy rape on me again. Hurt me just a little bit more.

Rape phone sex fantasies

Prostate milking, trust me to massage all your needs.

 Prostate milking    Prostate milking, trust me to massage all your needs. As long as I am your sub I will do as you command me. Eating your cum at the same time is simply a perk for me. Love all that cock. Can’t get enough of it. It is important to remember that when massaging the prostate waste not want not is key.

     Now that means that I will be sucking on the tip of your cock, making sure I catch all the fluid. Pressing and moving fingers up and down slowly from the outside. Just behind your balls with one hand.

     Feet and legs in the air looking at me as I insert to fingers into your anus feeling around for your gland. Beginning to stroke inside and out. Quickly causing you to stiffen and the milking begins. Continuing until you have nothing left in your balls.

     As your submissive slut you trust me to obey your every command. At the same time, I know how much you enjoy watching as I drink all that cum. Guzzling it down.

     Next time your sub will milk you from behind and give you and all new experience.

Pissing phone sex, you don’t need to bind me, but you can.

     Pissing phone sex, you don’t need to bind me, but you can. As soon as you tell me what you have in store for me. I will bend over backwards for you to piss all over my face, hair, and body. As I said you don’t have to tie me up. At the same time, you know how much I like it when you do.

     Tilting my head back to allow your piss to soak into my hair. Dripping down onto the ground. Over and into my mouth. Past my lips, down my throat. Watch it bead on my tits. Forming droplets to rub into me. Covering me in my Dom’s scent. Mark me as yours.

     Your cunt is getting all wet. Waiting for you to fuck me hard. Feel your warm piss all over me as I feel your throbbing cock fucking me harder and harder.

     Finally make me beg you to give me your cum and a then a golden shower claiming me evermore as yours. Please sir. Will you cover me in your urine? You know I am your Sub, and I will do anything you ask me to do. Please sir.

Pissing phone sex

Light bondage plays with your special whore.

     Light bondage plays with your special whore. A few silk scarves. A little leather in the package. A French tickler on the head of my dominant man’s dick. Silk around the eyes. Focus on the touch. It will be light, soft, and oh so sexy. Making you hard. Come to me love. Come to me in darkness.

     After all I am your whore. Your lover. You tease me and I give you everything I possibly can give to you. Lay down next to me. Whisper in my ear all the ways you intend to tie me up. Bind me to you.

     This why you are the master, and I am the whore. The Soft bondage of the silk scarves brushing against my skin as I move under you. Feeling your dick inside of me with the French tickler. Knowing you are going to cum in me. Filling me up. Claiming me.

     In conclusion the soft and slow love making, you came in me. I hold my legs closed holding your semen in me. In the hopes of making my master very happy. I like all the dicks you give me. I like all the bondage you give me at the same time. Don’t ever stop.

Light bondage

Hardcore bondage leads to hard cocks in me.

     Hardcore bondage leads to hard cocks in me.  Get a mouth separator. Hold this fucking mouth open. Promising to take all the cocks you give me. This whore loves to have big ass cocks down my throat. Give them to me. At the same time fuck my ass. Make it hurt. Make it bleed. I am yours to command.

     Chain me, lift me up. Dangle me from the ceiling. Lowering me down to fuck my pussy and ass. Use a dildo at the same time in my ass before inserting it in my mouth.

     Cum in my mouth. Make me gag on that cock. Fuck me repeatedly. I live for your cock. As long as you are getting off that is all that matters to me. I am your Submissive Whore and will do as you command me.Hardcore bondage

Golden showers phone sex slow motion hair toss.

Golden showers phone sex

     Golden showers phone sex slow motion hair toss. Taking in all that warm liquid. In fact, it moisturizes my hair at the same time as the ammonia cleans my pours. Gets me wet. In fact, kiss me.

     Tongue down my throat. Taste that warm hot liquid on my lips. Fingers combing my hair. Letting it soak in. Drink alcohol. Fill the bladder and urinate all over me once more.

     To put it another way pissing pouring down my face, tits, back and between my ass cheeks will have me wet and wanting you to cum on me as well. For this reason, I will suck your cock until you are ready to come one me.

     From time to time, it would be nice if my master would cum and having pissing phone sex at the exact same time. Generally speaking, I know it is hard to do but I would really like it if you were able to.

     Hence, I will do all you command and more. As can be seen from commercials, the hair toss of warm liquid spraying will in fact draw attention for all to see. Running to get you beer. Fill your bladder to piss continually.

     Please give me a shower. Let me bathe in it. Cum over me too. Fuck me in the urine-soaked bed.