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Sexy phone sex will explore both our kinks.

          Sexy phone sex will explore both our kinks. Among many things that I have for naughty things, one is being bound. Tie me to you. Shackle me. Pick a piercing to tug on and watch how wet I get.

          As soon as you tug on my cunt piercing, you’ll see the creamy wetness start oozing out of my cunt. Over your fingers. Ultimately, I want you to get off and explore every one of your kinks. As a cheating sub to my master some of my getting off is know that my husband doesn’t know what I do in my down time.

          Leaving him, sneaking out of the house. Just to run into my masters’ arms. Bending to your will. Making all my fantasies come true. At the same time making sure I am doing everything I can to make you cum. Make me into your Submissive Whore.Sexy phone sex

Cum slut phone sex is a tall order, make me your slut.

Cum slut phone sex          Cum slut phone sex is a tall order, make me your slut. After all I am yours to do with as you so please and I bet you are more than able to make me into a huge fucking slut.

          Now, I am yours to command. To control. Leave your mark on me. I have three holes that need to be filled with cum. Lots and lots of cum. As a slut I will take on anyone you want. I like it when it is a group of men and even women are great. They can fill my mouth with cum, down my throat.

          Even better would be if you turned into me a bukkake Submissive Whore. Have them surround me. Slapping their cocks on my face, tits, back, spilling their semen all over me. Filling me up. As long as it is your wish, it’s command.

Cum eating phone sex, a shot glass full for a toast.

Cum eating phone sex

          Cum eating phone sex, a shot glass full for a toast. When it is not a shot glass I will suck it out of a dick, up threw the shaft. Straight from the balls. As long as you are happy then I will eat that cum any way that you want me to. Fill my stomach up with cum.

          Willing to count on the fact that you want to join me in eating it all. Lay me out and eat it out of my pussy. Sticking your tongue in to reach all the way up inside of me. Sucking it out.

          Cum in a shot glass and we toast to getting off time and time again. Among our favorites is snowballing it. Swapping it in a kiss. Tasting one another together. Yes, I am a cum slut phone expert and will teach you how to hold that cum in your mouth and gurgle it.

Cock worshiping please master let me praise your cock.

Cock worshiping          Cock worshiping please master let me praise your cock. Now! I want to see it now. It must be admired. I like it. I love it. I want some more of it. Your slave will scream and beg if only you let me be near it.

          Down on my knees. I will beg you. You have got the greatest cock in the world. It is so perfect. With its perfect head. Do you have a hood? I like a hood. Let me lick down your length. Lick around your shaft. Oh master your balls hold up your cock so very nicely. It is the perfect cushion and so big. You have a big perfect cock. Big perfect balls. Let me suck on them. Your slave begs you, master.

Cheap phone sex means you get to cum more often.

Cheap phone sex          Cheap phone sex means you get to cum more often. It must be remembered that the key to happiness is being able to unload yourself daily and when the price is right you can come often and a lot. Specials cocks deserve special treatment.

          Now you know you want me to stroke that cock for you. Get naughty. Have a kink fetish? This pussy is wet, and loves a big hard cock to fuck it even harder. I have a lot of toys. To begin with gag balls, bars, cuffs, shackles, and those are low on the list. Rope to tie me up. Chains to secure me. Separators to get between my pussy lips and ass cheeks.  

This submissive whore is open to so many possibilities. Love it rough. Put me on the leash at your side, perhaps behind if I get to eat that ass out. Suck on your balls from the backside. Let me be your whore at the price is right for the night of costumes are upon us. What mask are you going to wear? I know mine.

Bukkake phone sex has submissive sexy Venice rolling in jizz

Bukkake phone sex          Bukkake phone sex has submissive sexy Venice rolling in jizz. As long as master has ordered it and has his cock out, stroking it, participating, and getting hard then this little sub will do everything and anything you so desire.

          Chain me down. Blonde hair loose. We are going to want all the jizz to get everywhere. In my hair, down my face, on my tits, and lastly on my neck giving me a pearl necklace. Knowing it is black and white cocks giving me a pearl necklace gets me wet.

          Now, all those cocks slapping me in the face, while many of are getting pre-cum on me already. Shaking my head back and forth. Trying to get as much cum on me as possible. Chained to a bar on the ground.

          Begging for you all to give me just a little more of your jizz. Lastly, if all you all would be so kind as to give me a golden shower, relieving yourself on me. Coating me and marking me as the submissive bitch I am.

Bondage whore needs a flogging. Give it to me, please.

Bondage whore          Bondage whore needs a flogging. Give it to me, please. First, you need to have the flogging whip. As soon as you have it, give me a good thrashing. Nice and hard. It is sure to get you just as hard as I am getting wet. All in all, my main want is to be your whore. Get you off. Have all your semen up inside of me. As long as you are happy and I am able to show off you’re cum, the marks you have left on me. From the whip or even more scintillating from your cock then I will be one very happy fucking whore.

          Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains turn me on. Give me that bondage S&M. S..s.s.s.s and M.m.m.m.. It is something I want and need. Force fucks my mouth. Jizzing all over my face and tits while I lay bound and at your mercy.

Bondage chat is sure to pleasure all of us, together.

Bondage chat          Bondage chat is sure to pleasure all of us, together. Tie me up. Use ropes to tie me down. Spread my legs open wide. Have me on my stomach. Spread my ass cheeks and ram a toy in my ass. Gag ball in my mouth. Clips on my tits. Pulling on my clit ring. Gag ball firmly in place. Screams muffled.

          Now looking down at my clit, pussy, spread ass cheeks you will see that I am completely soaked. Ultimately, my main goal is to get you off and this submissive whore is willing to do anything that you want me to do. Do anything you want with me. Really make wet.

          Take a whip to my behind. Hit my clit with it. Smack my pussy, hard. Stroke your cock along my pussy, between my ass cheeks, and tits. Cum all over me. Inside of me. Keep me tied to use and abuse me later.

Slave training make me into your submissive bitch

Slave training          Slave training make me into your submissive bitch. To begin with you should chain me. Make me submit to you. Every dark fantasy that you have and want to do should be done to me.

          Now that I am chained, it is time to apply some sensual sexy torture. All in all, I want you to do the dirtiest, nastiest things that you are able to think of. Smack you dick on my face. Force fucks my mouth after taking me from behind. Take a whip to my back, ass, and pussy.

          To be sure those are some things that will bring me around to being your slave. If I have not become the perfect slave with any of those measures then perhaps a little electric shock to my pussy ring, will be the stimulant I need to follow your orders.

          As long as you are getting off on bending me to your will then I will continue to be your willing slave. Get as dark as you want. Electrocute me. Force fucks me. Have me at your side kneeling like a good pet. Stroking my hair. Petting me. Nuzzling into your hand. Nuzzling between your legs. Looking up at you. Will you let your slave give you a blow job? It would make me very happy to suck on you while you eat, sleep, at your side doing all I can to cater to your every need.

          In summary, please train and mold me into what you want. I will be the perfect submissive whore for you.

Bondage and Submission is the name of the game, whip me.

            Bondage and submission is the name of the game, whip me. You know you want to me whip me. Chain me to the wall. There is nothing that I like more than being bound both physically and mentally to my master. As long as you chain me I am yours. I bow to you and need you to use your whip on me.

            Stretching my cunt, using all sorts of toys on me. Vaginal balls, shoved up into my cunt. Connecting a chain from my clitoris piercing up to my nipple piecing, allowing you to tug on them at will. Make me watch as you get harder, not entering me until you have tortured me to your satisfaction.  

            Finally, fucking every orifice of my body, using me, before throwing me out to go back to my husband who is none the wise until you shatter that and make me tell him. Making me your bondage whore.

Bondage and submission