Public Submissive Sex

submissive sexSubmissive sex in public is never my choice, but some men love degrading and abusing women with an audience. I went to a private club over the weekend. It was the premiere of a new bondage club. You could be an observer or a participant. I was there just to watch, however. My master did not know I went so I had to be low key. I was enjoying watching women get hog tied by strangers. A couple guys approached me, and they wanted to hook up but I said no because I am owned. They seemed respectful. That was until I left. The two guys I rejected teamed up with each other and jumped me in the parking lot. They were no longer respectful. They groped me and pulled my hair. They ripped my clothes off and pushed me down on the gravel. There were other folks watching me get fucked in the graveled parking lot, but they did nothing to help me. Before long it was a public gang bang and I was the star. Normally, I like attention, but not this kind of brutal attention. Some other guys joined in. I was exploring their rape phone sex fantasies with them I guess, but not by choice. I got major road rash too from the gravel. They fucked me raw. I was screaming for help. I had a large audience and not a sole tried to help me. Even the women were watching and masturbating. I got no support. I am sure they were just grateful the attention was not on them for once. Perhaps I would have just watched too. My master will not be happy with me when he finds out. I am covered in road rash and my holes are not as tight and pretty as they were a few days ago.  Maybe he will not notice.

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