Quiet night at home

cock worshipingMaster was so sweet tonight. He allowed me to give him a massage, and bring him dinner standing up!

After he ate I even got spankings! He’s been so busy lately, I’ve missed him so very much. After My spankings, and some wonderfully missed floggings, he brought out something I haven’t seen since he rewarded my excellent behavior as cum whore at his last gathering for all his friends.. The cuffs. They are so very pretty, shiny, and cold on my flesh. They are one of my highest honors master can give me to wear. They show my absolute belonging to him, under his protection, and only at his disposal. A tear ran from my eye at the gesture. He used one fingertip to brush it from my cheek, followed by a loving slap to my cheek. He led me to my chair, one he built just for me. How did I get so lucky? My cuffed hands fit through an opening at the back, and my feet went into the stirrups, bending my knees up high, and wide. Once I was all strapped in, master brought his favorite quirt from his tool cabinet. He brushed my flesh ever so gently, raising goosebumps on my pearl white skin. Making my cunt practically gush with excitement. He pauses at my hard nipples, whipping them, then soothing them, and whipping them again. Then down my stomach, ever so slowly, lovingly, softly brushing me in strokes. He spanks my thighs, my ass, and my pussy lips over and over again, making them raised, red, and puffy. Leaning over, he gently blows cool air on my hot, pulsing pussy. It’s all I can do not to moan and anger him. He smiles at my being so good, and obeying orders he did not need to speak. He kisses me, bites my lip and draws a tiny dot of blood, the same in a line up my jaw, and down my body. I melt when he buries his face in my box, kissing deeply, licking wildly, and biting hard. I try ever so hard to restrain my orgasm, and right when I think all is lost, he whispers his permission, and I squirt all over. Master even gave me his dick! Blessing my ass with it, allowing me to clean his beautiful king cock of my own shit, and filling my desperate, hungry pussy with his wonderful, hot seed.

I bet other pets wish they had a master so kind as mine!

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