Rape Fantasies

rape phone sex fantasies

I have a very dirty fantasy that I have kept hidden as a deep dark secret for ages. Yesterday, during a rough BDSM sesh with Master, he wanted to know what my deepest desires were. He told me that a subby whore like me must never keep secrets from him. Master forced my secrets out of me using his whips and nipple clamps. He wanted to know what truly made my cunt wet other than being his puppet and pain slut. As he kept beating the truth out of me, I screamed about my dark rape fantasy and master was delighted. He wanted to arrange a big gang rape fantasy for me- brutal, painful and big enough for me to be properly used and abused. He described in great detail all the things that he would arrange to be done to me by as many men as possible as my cunt dripped wet. I could not wait to be used and savagely force fucked by Master’s cohorts.

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