Fucked While On A Run – Wet

Bondage SubmissionMy cunt was soaking wet by the time he’d cut off my running shorts. “You always run by, teasing me. Fucking bitch.” He spit on me, tightening his grip on my throat. “You never wear any panties. I always see your pussy lips.” He brought the knife up to my throat. The woods started to go dark. He’d pulled me off the trail, and dragged me down by the creek.
When I regained consciousness, he was slamming his cock down my throat. I choked around it, begging for a breath. He pulled out, and slapped me hard across my cheek. “Wake up, cunt. I want my cock sleeve to remember how this feels.” The man shoved me, so I was bent over a fallen tree. He forced his cock into my tight little asshole, dry. I was crying, but growing wetter by the second. Shoving two fingers into my cunt, he spit on me again. “The bitch likes to get fucked.”
He used me, again and again, until he left me with a cum filled cunt, and a broken nose. Sobbing, I reached down to see his cum mixed with blood, and mixed with my cum, too.

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