I Sold My Girls Into Slave Training!

Slave Training

I never knew what a bondage whore I was until I did the unthinkable and sold my girls into slave training. My Master only paid the price of owning me completely, that meant my girls were his to discipline and train. The girls were surprised when Master moved in with us, they weren’t used to having a dominant cock in the house. Things changed so quickly once he started giving them bare bottom spankings while I was tied up. They would beg and cry for their mommy but I couldn’t disobey my Master’s wishes; I had to let them experience the throes bondage and submission on their own. My cunt was throbbing as Master forced his thick hard staff inside their young virgin cum tunnels, they cried for me but I could only soak my panties. Master barely fucked them for a few thrusts each before they were getting their first submissive bondage whore creampies right before my very eyes.


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