submissive whore robynHe came home from work and told me he was throwing a party. I had two hours to get everything arranged an I best not fuck anything up…
I did as I was told with a wet pussy knowing that he was already well on his way to being drunk and he would share me with all his friends.
Just before the first guest arrived he pulled out a rubber suit ordering me to put it on. It covered me from head to toe with only three holes in the entire thing, one for each fuck hole. I couldn’t see, it was hot and sticky and not very comfortable but the anticipation of what this meant for me had my cunt gushing before I knew it.
He made me the Rubber Maid, the Latex Fuck Doll, the center of attention at the party.
I lost count of how many dicks came in which holes that night. I can’t wait for him to take it out and put it on me again!bdsm phone sex twitter

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