She gaped Me and Master

Ava is everything my Master didn’t want in a woman. She was strong willed and didn’t do well when she was told what to do. Master brought her because she was boasting about how she dominantes women and men all the time. He wanted to have a domination battle. He wanted to use me as their toy. See who could make the stupid whore cry. Who could force me to cum. Who could fuck me harder.

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I know my Master and I know what he can do but Ava scared me more than my Master. She grabbed me by my blonde hair and forced me down on my knees. She shoved my face into her pussy. She forced me to lick her, to tongue fuck her bald pussy as she whipped me with a riding crop. She was getting into it. She was rough and it was just the beginning! She had me get down on all 4’s and spread my ass apart for her. She started by licking my asshole, gently caressing my pussy as she licked. It went so fast and so hard I couldn’t breath. The pain from her shoving a giant pink cock in my asshole burned it my belly.

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“Look at you! You are such a dirty worthless piece of shit Naomi. Stupid fucking whore. Your Master is bored of you. So am I.”

Then she jammed in a second dildo just as big. She was brutally fucking my ass as I was screaming our safe word. The safe word fell on her deaf ears. She wasn’t going to stop until my asshole was prolapsed! She was slammed both of those giant fake cocks deep in my ass. My master grabbed her arm and tried to make her stop. She ripped out both cocks from my asshole, making prolapse and hit my Master so hard in the head knocking him out.

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She turned to me and slapped my prolapsed asshole hard! I screamed and she laughed out “You better keep your whore asshole pushed out while I fuck your Master.” I tried so hard to keep my ass prolapsed! I watched her shove one of the dildos down his throat. Tell him to suck my ass juices off. It takes a strong woman, no a evil woman to dominate my Master… I think I am in love with Ava.. I want to be her slave!

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