Son’s return

submissive whore

My son came home for a visit! What a happy time! I have a new master I serve now, but I know he would want me to stay being the submissive whore he knows I am. I was sure to keep with my Master’s wishes on staying in my bra and panties with my thigh-high boots every moment i was in the house. And I was sure to never remove the pretty shiny butt plug Master got me, unless I was to take a shit. It’s way bigger than my last one, and gapes my asshole so nicely.

I was so excited to show my son the wonderful training I had received, I wait until my breasts were painfully full and leaking before pumping them, and always only while they’re tied nice and tight. My son didn’t want to wait for the pump, he went right to work nursing mamma’s titties, draining every last drop of milk. My cunt was running so hot already, anticipating his attentions.

Right away I squatted on the floor in front of him, waiting for his instructions. He whipped out his massive rod that I’ve missed so very much. It felt so good to suck and swallow him again. And just like old times, right after he came in my mouth, he pulled out and pissed all over my face and head.

But I forgot to piss at the same time on the floor, so he bent me over his knee, and gave me severe bare bottomed spankings over and over again until my ass cheeks and pussy were bright red and puffy.

I can’t wait to see what happens at dinner!

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