Slave training

Another day of Slave training and I must admit the man my Master left me with truly hates women. I don’t know if he has Mommy issues, or maybe an ex-wife but he wants me to know I am nothing. I am here for a man’s pleasure, ISlave training am not here to talk, think or do anything but give up my holes. I am never to tell a man no or refuse him. I am to be daily degraded to make sure I forever remember my place in life is to worship the ground men walk on. I am not allowed to wear clothes, have a phone or anything of that sort. I must keep a collar on at all times, and whatever else he may want me to wear that day. He spends an hour a day beating my ass punching me and kicking me, slapping me, and pulling my hair. He usually makes me choke on his cock while he does this while calling me a stupid cunt and whore. I have been training for 3 days now and I already wish I was dead but my master says I have to be the perfect slave so here I am!

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