Slave Training

Slave TrainingEvery good slave needs to know their place. This is what my master has told me. Knowing that I am cheating on my husband makes me wonder about another punishment. Walking to my master I sit at his feet. Eagerly waiting for the collar to be put on. Asking without permission to speak would garner punishment. Perhaps punishment is something that wouldn’t be so bad. Feeling the crack of his hand on my bare ass. Just thinking about it has me squirming on the floor. The collar. He has my collar. Here is comes. Yes, I have my collar. Master is holding my leash. Being his bitch, I am to remain on all fours. Only allowed to walk when given permission to stand to walk.

This well-trained slave has taken many beatings, anxiously waits for her master to give a command. Getting hot, horny, and needing the pleasure of sucking on my masters’ cock. Making him cum. Swallowing all his cum down my throat.  Master walks and I crawl on my hands and knees, waiting for the reward. Silently begging him to whip. Feeling that whip lash over my pussy. It throbs. Will today be the day that I am put in the stocks? Sure, hope so. It is! Finally, the reward of punishment is here.

My neck and wrists are closed around. Knees on the cushioned bench. Oh master please. Knowing what is coming. The feel of his cock pressing into my ass. Not my cunt. No lube. Still my pussy throbs. This orgasm is going to be one of the greatest. The reward of the stocks, padded cushion, then to be fucked in the ass. Thoughts of my husband are gone as my master takes control of my body, mind, and soul.

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