Slave Training Junkie

slave training

Hello Master. I know that I will never be permitted to call you anything other than that. I might be in desperate need of slave training, but I guess I’m not completely stupid. Are you proud of me for knowing that, Master? I know you probably aren’t, because who could be proud of a stupid slut like me? But it doesn’t keep me from hoping for your approval every second of every day. I can’t wait for you to train me so that I can maybe come close to pleasing you and satisfying you in every sense of the word, Master.
In what ways do you want me to please you, Master? Maybe you will train me to make sure the house is so clean you could eat off of the floor. I hope so because that’s where you told me I will be eating. You told me that if I want to be allowed to use the toilet, I have to clean it with my tongue. And of course, once I am done with all of that, I have to serve you in whatever way you are in the mood to be pleased. I will be waiting for you on my knees for our slave training session, Master.

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