Slave training make me into your submissive bitch

Slave training          Slave training make me into your submissive bitch. To begin with you should chain me. Make me submit to you. Every dark fantasy that you have and want to do should be done to me.

          Now that I am chained, it is time to apply some sensual sexy torture. All in all, I want you to do the dirtiest, nastiest things that you are able to think of. Smack you dick on my face. Force fucks my mouth after taking me from behind. Take a whip to my back, ass, and pussy.

          To be sure those are some things that will bring me around to being your slave. If I have not become the perfect slave with any of those measures then perhaps a little electric shock to my pussy ring, will be the stimulant I need to follow your orders.

          As long as you are getting off on bending me to your will then I will continue to be your willing slave. Get as dark as you want. Electrocute me. Force fucks me. Have me at your side kneeling like a good pet. Stroking my hair. Petting me. Nuzzling into your hand. Nuzzling between your legs. Looking up at you. Will you let your slave give you a blow job? It would make me very happy to suck on you while you eat, sleep, at your side doing all I can to cater to your every need.

          In summary, please train and mold me into what you want. I will be the perfect submissive whore for you.

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