Slave Training Should Be Never Ending

slave training

Hello, Master. I know that I’ve been a little disobedient lately and I realize that I’m in desperate need of slave training. I’m sorry that you trained me before and I’m so stupid that I didn’t retain any of it and that I disobeyed the things I did remember. Are you going to be very stern with me, Master? I honestly deserve whatever you see fit, even if it’s painful, and even if it means I’m inconvenienced in any way. You are such a special man and you don’t deserve to have a slave slut who won’t do what she’s told.

What are you going to do to me to teach me a lesson before you re-train me? Do you think you are going to employ any forms of corporal punishment? Are you going to tie me up and deny me? Maybe you’ll invite all of your friends over to use my asshole all night long since you know that is my least favorite way to be fucked? I bet you’ll spank me while they fuck me in the ass because that’s what I deserve. I obviously will take any punishment you see fit, Master. I have been a bad sub, Sir.

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