Slave Training with Shoes

slave training

Sometimes a life-long slave, still needs some slave training. I have been getting cocky lately. On a couple week sabbatical from work because I fractured my ankle. If there is ever a good time to break a bone, it is right after the holidays because for me that means 4 weeks away from my master. A friend of mine took me to the mall yesterday because I need more sensible shoes as my ankle heals. Master only allows me to wear classic pumps. I am not going to be strong enough to balance in 5-inch heels when I do go back to work. Master knows what happened and he permitted me a shopping trip at one store. It is in the mall and they custom make shoes as well as sell them. My friend drove me to get fitted for some sexy yet sensible shoes that would please master and save my ankle from further damage. It became clear quickly that master and the shoe salesmen were working together to punish me. The shoe clerk took me to a back room to try on shoes. Turns out I was not there for shoes. Well, not shoes for me feet. The clerk made me fuck my cunt with heels. Lots of different styles and sizes of shoes went up my cunt. “Master’s orders,” he would tell me when I gave him the, “Are you shitting me look.” According to the clerk, if I could not wear sexy shoes, I could at least fuck them. Ouch. Some of the heels were taller than I would ever be permitted to wear at the office. I sat there with my pussy spread trying to fuck myself in front of Master’s new right hand man. I didn’t leave with sensible shoes. I left with a sore pussy and ass. A little reminder from Master about who owns my fuck holes.

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