Slutty Submissive Nurse Robyn

female bondage

I was put in female bondage while being nursemaid to your father. My skirt was hemmed 3 inches higher and my tits on full display per your request. I was demanded to give him a full body sponge bath. He didn’t seem as weak as you said when I gave him a sponge bath. When the soaped up sponge washed his large cock it grew hard and stood completely erect. I hear him whisper suck it. I didn’t believe my ears. I leaned closer and your father pushed my head down and with strength, I hadn’t known forced me to suck his old man cock. I was gagging as you came in and was bobbing on his cock. You pulled me by my hair and both of you restrained me and gagged me and handcuffed me to his bed. I was whipped and degraded for being a naughty nurse. But when you spread my pussy lips I was dripping from cumming on myself. You made me take that nice big old man cock as you bit my tits and pinched my clit. It was a setup to demean and punish this submissive whore all along. 

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