Spank Me, Slap Me, Cover Me in Bruises

I love being your submissive whore and serving you!

You know there is absolutely nothing I wont do for you!Submissive Whore

Last weekend, when you had that Superbowl party….I loved being your cum eating halftime show!

When you ordered me to suck everyone of your friends chubby hairy cocks, I watched the smile grow on your face as I gagged and choked on thick meat after thick meat!

You encouraged all those men to fuck my face like it was a hole meant only for dumping cum! You even pulled my hair to hold my throat open for each hot chunky load!

I was so proud as I watched your cock grow hard as they held my ankles and wrists and each one of them took turns filling my tight wet pussy with one, or even two pounding hard cocks at a time!

But when everyone left, you called me a worthless whore, full of cum from every man there!

I begged for your forgiveness and pleaded with you to fuck me like you did before!

I needed to feel the touch of your hand, even if it was only to be whipped and tortured, punished and humiliated!

Without you, I am a cheap trashy slut! Please! Please do your worst!

Spank me, slap me, cover me in bruises! Please just touch me and use my body as your cum dumpster fuck whore!

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