Still no Master to use me

Submissive phone sex

At home alone, no calls. My tits are aching so bad for a Master to use them, use me. Desperation probably isn’t all that attractive but ya know what, I don’t give a fuck. I want someone to worship, to give my whole body too. My pussy aches to be used for His pleasure. A Master who doles me out to His friends whenever he feels the desire to see me fucked, humiliated, and covered in cum. Today though, I couldn’t take the need to have my tits used. So I tied them up and went online to a chat and let men watch me play with my titties. I loved the compliments and attention it got me. They all wanted to make me so wet, putting clamps on me and pulling and even weighted clamps. Wow did those feel so good! They were making me swing them while I got fucked with a huge 9-inch dildo. It felt good to be used for their pleasure and I came, gushed and collapsed at the end. Fuck yes that was what I needed. However, that was yesterday. Today I have to start all over with I need a Master.

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