Strapped To The Wall

bondage and submission



You’ve developed a new way to make me submit to your every need. You attached leather straps to the wall of the basement you keep me in and order me to get into position with my ass out. That’s when you start to lube up every object you can think of to use on me. Everything from a baseball bat to loaded gun straight into my anus. You force fuck me with your fun new toys until you see blood and scat leak out of my hole. I can’t beg you to stop, I know that will result in just more force fucking. I have to just submit to your sadistic commands as my master. My body aches and I am exhausted with tears coming out of my eyes. You make me count each time you thrust a new phallic object inside my holes and order for me to guess what it could be this time. I eventually black out from all of the pain and that just pisses you off even more. You slap me to wake me up and ask me to tell you in detail why this is happening to me. It’s because I am a worthless slut and I know it. I am only yours because you’re the only one who would have me. I pray every night that you haven’t found more inspiration for pain but secretly I also love being your voodoo doll. I wonder what’s next for tonight…

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