Submissive Cumslut Learns How to Obey Her Master

Female Bondage


You have me on the X-shaped cross. My hands and legs are tightly bound and I am too weak to get out of them. You have complete control over me. You put nipple clamps over my tiny, sensitive nipples. They are so tight! Then you get out a vibrator and rub my clit. It feels so good to have that vibration on my skin. You tell me to say that I’m a nasty little slut and I am too caught up in pleasure to notice what you said. You stop vibrating my clit and slap my face, hard. Your hand leaves a print on my face. You tell me to say it again and I do. This goes on like this for hours. You tell me what to say and I comply. When I don’t, you slap me or pull on my nipple clamps tightly, making me yelp. When I am properly trained, you let me off the cross and slap me multiple times. I cum hard and know it is now time to please my master by giving you a nice sloppy blowjob since I’m a nasty little slut who is only good for sucking cock.

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