Submissive needs Release

BDSM phone sex Sometimes as a submissive I need to release. Every once in a while I need to be the domme and take out my frustrations on another little whore. If I am a good whore Master will grant me this wish a couple times a year. Today I get my wish he brought me home a little newbie slut just bought off the slave block. She was a scared timid thing and that was a huge turn on for me. I grabbed her by the hair and dragged her body across the cold hard floor. I pulled her up by her hair and tied her to the wall where there where hooks already set up. She was sniffling and whining like a little bitch so I gave her a bitch slap across the face. Shut the fuck up I yelled inches from her face. She quiets down quickly and puts her head down. I am going to have some real fun with this fresh fish.

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