Submissive Sex Holidays are No Fun for Me

submissive sexI had a submissive sex Christmas, and nothing is different for the New Year. My boss made me work Christmas for him. He had a party with a Santa Claus and everything. I can’t tell him no. He dressed me in a slutty Mrs. Claus outfit and let all his friends and colleagues do what they wanted to me. From sucking cock, to getting fucked in the ass, I did it. It was more than just fucking too. His pals wanted to humiliate me. I drank piss directly from cocks and from wine glasses. I licked assholes like I was human tissue paper. I prefer cock worshiping over anything bathroom related, but I never have a choice.  The hired Santa got super drunk and wanted to get nasty with Mrs. Claus. He fucked my ass and pissed inside me as well as shot his wad. When he was done, he made me shit it out in a wine glass and drink it down. He did say, “Cheers,” before I had to chug a mixture of piss, cum and shit out of glass. One of the most humiliating holidays ever for me. As I type this, I am in fear of what is in store for me tomorrow. I was ordered to be at my place of work tomorrow for a New Year’s football party. Sometimes, I hate my life.

cock worshiping

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