Submissive Sex on Quarantine

submissive sexSubmissive sex slaves need their masters. I would give anything to feel my master’s hands around my throat. To feel his cock ramming my ass. Too drink his piss. To feel his bare hands on my ass. You get the picture. This separation has gone on longer than he thought it would. He is missing me too, but he is trapped at home with his wife. He can’t come up with a good excuse to get away. He is over 60, so is his wife. She is keeping him on a tight leash for his health. I get it, but I don’t like it. The best we can do is some video chatting and texting. He was able to video chat me late last night after his wife went to sleep. I need to be disciplined. I need to be used. He was in a kinky mood. He is by far the most extreme or perverted master I have had, but last night he kicked things up a notch. He has never once wanted me to fuck my son. My son on occasion has fucked me out of anger, but for the most part he ignores me. He hates me. His hatred has only grown stronger stuck in the house and unemployed. Master was making an exception because he couldn’t fuck me. Plus, my son is getting older and it’s not as illegal to fuck him, lol. My master is a lawyer with a morality clause. I get in trouble, he is tainted.  So, he doesn’t know about my past dalliances with my son. I was afraid he would find out, but when master ordered me to seduce my son and have him fuck me hard, I couldn’t say no. I took my iPad into my son’s room with me. Placed it on his dresser and woke him up by sucking his cock. My son was not happy. He leaped out of bed, smacked my face and screamed that if we fucked, it was on his terms. He threw me on the bed and fucked me like a rabid animal from behind. He was hurting my ass with glee. He never noticed the iPad. He dumped his load in my submissive whore ass and screamed for me to get out. I grabbed the iPad, scurried back to my bedroom and basked in the fact that my secret was safe, and my master was happy.

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