Submissive Sex with Mommy

submissive sexSubmissive sex is the best sex. I don’t know how to be a bitch in charge. Nor do I want to be a bitch in charge. I have been hoping that my son would take on the responsibility of being my full time Master once my current master retires from slave owning. My son struggles with being dominant towards his mother. At times the thought arouses him, at other times he feels like a bad boy for smacking his momma or tying her up. I have to push his buttons. He has a mean streak like his daddy, so if I push the right ones, he will snap. I want more from him than the occasional smack down. I want him to own me. I am too stupid and weak to take care of myself. I mean I am a woman, right? We need men to take control¬† of us. We need to be told how to dress and what to do. We need a man in our lives for purpose. My son did do some bondage and submission with his mommy this weekend. I made him angry by telling him I had no extra money to lend him. He smacked me, tied me up and left me on the bed while he left the house. He came back with several boys. Boys who paid $20 to fuck me. That was all I was worth to him. My son wanted to go to a concert with his friends but had to get the tickets that day. His solution was to whore me out for money. He told his friends they could do anything they wanted to me. I liked this side of him. He pals fucked my ass and my whore pussy. They smacked my tits. They pulled my red hair and turned me into their bukkae whore. They liked using my fuck holes and degrading me. I loved it too. I hope he stays this way.

bondage submission

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